Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New Supergirl/Batgirl Comic by Mike Maihack - Babs' New Costume

I have applauded the Supergirl/Batgirl comics by Mike Maihack in the past. They are delightful showcasing a bright, optimistic Kara and a serious Babs who occasionally let's her fun side peek out.

Well Maihack has done it again, making a Kara/Babs comic about the recent Batgirl costume redesign. Here is the link: http://mikemaihack.tumblr.com/post/92432532892/no-one-is-more-excited-about-batgirls-new-costume

There is sooooo much goodness here. I love how Supergirl is just enamored of the fact that Batgirl has changed her look. And the third panel of her snapping and unsnapping the cape is perfect. Just like that Supergirl has redone her costume and Harley Quinn's costume in a similar fashion. Perfect.

Supergirl costume designs has been an ongoing theme in these strips (as well as how easily Supergirl would defeat Bat-villains) so this strip nuzzles in nicely with what Maihack has done before. Here was his take on Supergirl's Red Lantern time: http://comicboxcommentary.blogspot.com/2014/02/red-lantern-supergirl-arrives-mike.html

But the last panel is so great. A flummoxed Harley, an irritated Babs, and a beaming Supergirl.

Maihack needs a book!


Timothy S. Brannan said...


This is the best SG/BG comic out there now.

Love how Kara reacts to Bab's new costume.

Anonymous said...

I suppose its dreadfully sexist to say this but I miss ye olde "Super Wardrobe" days...but then since then Batman has piled up dozens of costume variants so he is only catching up to the Supergirl of 1971 IMHO.



Jay said...

I'm sure the romance isn't ending. They had a similar solicit for SM/WW #3. Its just hype. Words cannot express my disappointment when I heard that Nicola Scott was leaving DC after her contract expires. When I heard she was leaving Earth 2, and knowing this title needed a new artist, I thought it was a perfect match. Oh well. Look forward to hearing who the permanent new artist will be though.

In any case I was disappointed to see that this month, which kinda seems like a big month for DC, the Superman solicits were just labeled as Doomed aftermaths. I mean, I'm sure they were be more than that but for advertising purposes they were very bland.