Saturday, July 19, 2014

JLU Annual #1 and the Return of the Legion!

I have bemoaned the lack of the Legion in the DCU right now, replaced by the bizarre Justice League 3000.

I have praised Justice League United for its modern sensibilities, homages to the Silver Age, and lack of burdensome grimness.

And now it looks like I will get a Legion story in a book that has been fantastic, the best of two worlds. According to the Nerdist, there will be a JLU/Legion story starting in the JLU Annual #1 in November. Here is the link (which provided the above cover shot):

And here is the solicit:

Written by JEFF LEMIRE
Art and cover by NEIL EDWARDS and JAY LEISTEN

The Infinitus Saga begins as the Legion of Super-Heroes arrive with the shocking news that the 31st century has been destroyed! Now it’s up to the Justice League United to save the future!

What isn't to love.  Lemire writing a JLU/Legion book! Neil (ARGUS) Edwards on art for the annual! Kara in the forefront of the cover! An actual Legion appearing in the background! Mon-El, Brainy, Imra, Garth, and Tinya!

And what could be better than a Legion story in the JLU Annual?

How about a whole arc?

I have to say, I am totally totally pumped for this!

I am betting that the Infinitus Saga will include the Infinity Man as the villain. Certainly a time traveling villain would explain the destruction of thr 31st century. (I suppose the Time Trapper could also be the bad guy). Or both?? Lemire isn't saying yet.


alex said...

This gonna be awesome. Looks like Kara will play important part in this Infinitus Saga. Yup Jeff Lemire is great writer but very underrated. Believe me if DC put Jeff Lemire into writing a bigger book like for example Batman-Superman comics he will become next DC writer superstar. It is upset me a little that DC doesn't realise how good Jeff Lemire is and don't put him on big book. Oh btw, if you have power control over at DC , what book will you put Jeff Lemire in charge ? :)

Jay said...

I'm glad the Legion is back, but the only reason I'm not as pumped as I otherwise would be, is that they're all still adults. I'm pretty adamant in my belief that the Legion concept needs to start fresh from the very beginning. The Legionnaires need to be kids again. I know its hard to count how many times they've been rebooted, but in my mind it really needs to be done again, just fully this time. Hopefully though, with 2015 looming, their appearance here doesn't directly contradict this hope.

Bartiemus said...

I think the key team members will be Supergirl Martian Man Hunter Animal Man and Equinox going forward which is fine with me.

I just hope this team book doesn't do what every other team book does which is here is a new team full of interesting members next arc some one immediately leaves.

Really looking forward to the next Jeff Lemire seems to know what makes everyone tick so it should be great.

Anj said...

Thanks for comments!

Alex - I think I'd give Jeff Lemire something quirky to write - Creeper, or Shade the Changing Man, or a New Gods character.

Jay - it has been a while since we have seen a young Legion. Probably since Legionnaires . I wouldn't mind reading that sort of LSH again but it would have to be done right.

Jude Deluca said...

I just really hope they don't kill off Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad's kids.

Caoimhe said...

Waid's LSH was a "young Legion" complete with telling off grandpa. I'm not sure that worked any better than Levitz's nostalgia Legion.

Anj said...

It is true that initially Waid's Legion had a bit of a chip on their shoulder.

The 'telling of Grandpa' I think was morphed more into being a proactive group instead of listening to those trying to rein them in.

Personally I'd rather read the group in that middle age as they were in the heyday of Levitz - young 20s, some experience but not grizzled, etc.