Thursday, July 31, 2014

Guillem March Supergirl #35 Cover Process

The solicited cover for Supergirl #35 didn't exactly thrill me as it once again shows a mega-angry, red eyed Supergirl. This is the post-Red Lantern Kara, one who is supposed to have put mindless rage behind her. I don't need a cover with her skipping in a meadow. But this continues an outward perception of the overly angsty Supergirl.

Outside of the tone, I think the cover is one of the better ones for artist Guillem March. At times I think his stuff is stunning. At times I think he veers a bit too much into the body-contorted cheesecake covers I see all too often on the rack.

Over on his blog, March breaks down the cover process. Here is the link:

And here is the black and white rendition.

But for me, I love to see the behind the scenes artistic process. When Josh Middleton was on Supergirl covers, he used to post process pieces on his covers all the time.

And my favorite part of those posts, and this post by March, was the rejected thumb nails for the cover. Now it is hard to know what the actual content of the issue is to know if any of these covers make more sense from a story point of view.

That said, I think these covers are a bit too much like a pin-up for my tastes. Seems a little coquettish too. And why is Kara donning or doffing the Red Hood? Anyways, of these, I suppose I like #3 the best.

But if the choices were these thumb nails or the final layout, I agree with the final layout.

As a long time fan, I love these peeks into the creative process!


Bartiemus said...

Maybe the mask was more symbolic? It could mean Supergirl is going to finally start developing a civilian life on Earth to bring a sense of normalcy to her life?

She is also now team mates with Stargirl and Equinox who can show her the benefits of having a secrete identity.

It's funny the Solicit doesn't match the cover ether it's something along the lines of Red Hood asking Kara for help but the cover has them fighting ah well should be a fun little arc.

DR said...

Didn't the writer mention something romantic in her future?

I wonder.

Unknown said...

Anj! Will you review Red lanterns annual ? because it case you didn't know, it has Supergirl in it.

Maverick05 said...

There was some fan request for more Jason+Kara after the Batman/Superman Annual 1.

So it might be an interresting ride, considering the Batfamily (hopefully Batman Inc.) is preparing a privately-funded little invasion to Apokalips without JL Support.

BTW I also prefer the rejected cover #3.

Anj said...

Thanks for comments and interesting thoughts about Jason and Kara. I do *NOT* want him as her romantic interest.

And yes I will be reviewing Red Lanterns Annual, later today.

Jay said...

I'd be more worried over it if it were pre-Flashpoint Jason. The really crazy version. This one? Wouldn't bother me so much.

Anonymous said...

Whether you want it or not Jason will probably get Kara up the duff and things will go soap downhill. Red Hood is a perfect partner for her, his is Sid to her Nancy!