Thursday, September 26, 2013

Women Of Legend DC Universe Cards

The last thing my strained budget needs is an impulse buy item right at the cash register of my comic book store. But The Women of Legend trading cards have come out and I can't resist. Curse you Cryptozoic! Here is the company's page on the item:

Much like the Superman:The Legend cards, they are a tempting little treat to grab as I cash out on Wednesdays. I suppose I could buy another comic with what I spend but there is something nostalgic and kind of magical about opening that little pack and hoping you get the cards you want.

I picked up a couple of packs recently and was happy with what I got.

First of I got this card with Supergirl and Silver Banshee together, looking quite team-ish in poses.

The art is also very nice here.

But the winner was this Lois Lane card.

I love the pose and how the card says she has suspicions about Clark. All while she coyly looks away from an open window where a necktie is floating down.

Very nice.

The series has a number of bonus like cards. There are 'totally fabricated' cards which include a piece of fabric from the hero's costume. (I didn't get this one). Seems a little silly.

There are also 'Gail's picks', foil cards of the 9 women characters Gail Simone thinks are the most important in the DCU. Yes, Supergirl is one of them.

But for me the best aspect are the rarer artist sketch cards which are included in some packs. If you look around on the internet, you can see examples of them everywhere.

I love this one by Tony Perna with Supergirl in her classic Bronze Age costume flying with the Legion. Seriously, that is one beautiful card.

Will I drop as much money on this product as I did with the Superman cards? Probably.

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