Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mahmud Asrar Commission Of Variant Costume

As a Supergirl fan and a commission junkie, I love when Mahmud Asrar posts the commissions he has done for upcoming conventions. Earlier this week, he posted this on his blog:

I have seen soooo many great commissions there. I would love to get one from Asrar. But seriously, this group, with Poison Ivy and Scarlet Witch, makes me think he would do any character justice. I have even seen fantastic ones of Saturn Girl and Dawnstar on his site.

Anyways, the Supergirl one in the back caught my eye.

Asrar posted it in total yesterday on his blog. Here it is up close.

That costume in the commission is one of Asrar's costume designs for the New 52. I talked about those costume designs last year here:

Kudos to whoever asked to this commission from Asrar. That is slick and original!

I will never get sick of seeing Mahmud Asrar draw Supergirl. 


Martin Gray said...

This is such great work, I especially like Kara's longer hair - she looks more like the experienced, older Kara of the Seventies and Eighties, the young woman who always shone in team-ups.

Anonymous said...

Yeah whatever happened to her??? If she was around today whatever would she make of today's hot mess??



valerie21601 said...

Now these Supergirl outfits I would have LOVED to see her in the 52 universe.

Kara'a current one just hints too much of it being a hookers outfit to me.