Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Supergirl As White Pawn

After what felt like quite some time, we are finally seeing Supergirl merchandise featuring her New 52 costume. I am still not a big fan of the red bottom or the kneeless boots. But Supergirl must still be a popularcharacter and a profitable commodity if statues and other stuff are still being made.

I was glad to see that she was included in the upcoming DC chess set. Sure she is only a pawn but at least she is there! I like this figurine. Supergirl looks calm, cool, and collected. And her pose is nice for her, a sort of gentle angelic feel to it.

You can look at it closer (as well as the other figures) here:

And a thanks to Rob at the Aquaman Shrine for posting about the Aquaman piece and leading me to the Supergirl piece. You can head to the shrine here: http://www.aquamanshrine.com/


Anonymous said...

Talking of New 52 statues, I don't think you've mentioned this one before? (Apologies if you have!)


Designed by Stanley "Artgerm" Lau. Looks pretty cool to me! :)


Anonymous said...

Supergirl is a Pawn? So I guess Scott Lobdell designed the chess set eh?


AndNowInStereo said...

Looks like Powergirl, in her original New52 costume and a strong pose, is also a white pawn.

Anonymous said...

I took mine off the pawn base and made her the white queen.

Wonder Woman is the white king in the set I've "customised".