Thursday, April 25, 2013

Superman Unbound Preview Scenes

Another scene from the upcoming Superman:Unbound movie has been released. This one focuses on Lois Lane and Supergirl. And man, this clip makes me want to see this movie even more.

For those who haven't seen it, here is a link:

The film is based on Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's Brainiac storyline, an arc which began to reclamation and rehabilitation of the Supergirl character. The story has Kara run the gamut of emotions from frightened traumatized young girl to heroic saver of the Earth.

From what I have heard of this movie, there is an added plot of Supergirl wanting to be more independent and less beholden of Superman. As a result, I think we are going to see a spectacular rendition of Supergirl in this movie.

This clip also showcases another part of the movie which has been mentioned and that I am eager to see. There is a stronger relationship between Kara and Lois. Here we see Supergirl save Lois from a kidnapper. We get only a taste but I think we are going to see a healthy dose of Kara-tharsis in the movie.

And Lois seems calm and poised even in the face of danger, just the way she should be!

There also is a Superman and Brainiac preview scene as well!  Here is that link:

So mark your calendars. May 7th!


Gene said...

The question is not if I am going to buy it, but where. It all depends on the price and if one store will offer an exclusive item with it or not.

Anonymous said...

I have already pre-ordered it from Amazon!
-- DW