Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dan Parent Supergirl Commission

Check out this fabulous Supergirl commission I just got from Archie artist Dan Parent! I have been wanting a Parent commission for a while, hoping  to add a Betty/Kara sketch to my collection.

As I have said countless times before when discussing my collection, I have three sort of categories of commissions I try to get.

The first is artists that are famous for or attached to Supergirl - Jamal Igle, Jim Mooney, etc.

The second is artists whose style I really like - Ethan Van Sciver, Stephane Roux, Brian Stelfreeze, etc.

The third is artists who will have a different sort of take on Supergirl - Scott Wegener, Alex Maleev, etc.

And of course, artists can overlap in these categories. I love Jamal Igle's art and he is connected to Supergirl. I love Alex Maleev's style and he would give an interesting take on Supergirl.

Parent falls mostly into the third category although I love his art for the sweet simplicity of it. His style seems tailor made for an all ages teenage Supergirl book.

Anyways, a good friend of mine, who knew I wanted a Parent commission, was in Florida for MegaCon and saw this piece for sale and picked it up for me. So know it is hanging on the 'wall of fame', a bright and sunny Supergirl striking a pose.

I really love this piece as an interesting addition to my commission collection.


Dr. Thinker said...

Looks like Betty in a Supergirl costume.

Gene said...

That looks great! I always prefered Betty over Veronica, but I think the later would look great as the Huntress.

Diabolu Frank said...

Love this! Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Notice she seems to be wearing the mid 1970's Supergirl costume, red hot pants etc....y'know the version of Supergirl who would've seem thru H'El at a glance.


Chris said...

That's very cool. I always like seeing mashups like this. I have a Dan Parent Veronica/Wonder Woman I picked up last year and a Fernando Ruiz Betty/Supergirl from the Chicago Comi-Con a couple of years ago. The Super Betty that Fernando did is wearing the Matrix costume.