Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bernard Chang Art

A while back on Twitter, artist Bernard Chang ran a couple of contests to promote his work on the book Demon Knights.

The first promotion involved Demon Knights #16. If you purchased 6 copies of the book and could prove it on Twitter with a picture of you holding the issue and a scan of the receipt, Chang would send you one of the original art pages. There was even a drawing to see who would get the splash pages.

Now I am a big Bernard Chang fan from his work on Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and DC Comics Presents ... before his Demon Knights stuff. So I was going to do it. Alas, when I got to the comic store that afternoon, only 5 copies were left on the shelf so I was shut out.

The next month, Chang ran a different contest. If you bought 2 issues of Demon Knights #17 (with the same caveats of proof of purchase), he would send you a panel or 2 of original art. Chang was going to cut up his art pages to send to fans. Now I thought that was a great way to try to drum up some publicity for a great (if low-selling and underappreciated) title. Chang even asked that you give the second issue to someone who doesn't read the book ... a sort of 'pay it forward' move.

I bought the two issues and sent along the proof. I told Chang my favorite Knight was Sir Ystin and asked, if possible, that I get a Shining Knight panel.

Well the package arrived 2 weeks ago and inside was this 2-panel 1/3 of a page. That is 2 great panels of Sir Ystin, the steed Vanguard, and Exoristos. What an absolute treasure! Fantastic.

But there was more ...

Included inside was an entire page of Supergirl #62, one of the James Peaty books beautifully drawn by Chang.

He said he recalled my reviews of Supergirl and wanted to give me something of that run.

What a great page showcasing so much of that arc. We have 2 panels of Linda Lang walking with Jaime (Blue Beetle) Reyes and Damien (Robin) Wayne. We also have 2 flashback panels of Supergirl walking through the villain's wrecked lab coming across a 'New Kryptonian' who was being dissected.

Just a great page.

But there was more!

There was also a page from Supergirl #61, most noted for her confronting the 2 boys who were trying to get her picture and phone number by placing themselves in harm's way. There is also a panel of Alex regarding the robots he sent to fight Supergirl, returned to him in a flaming ball of wreckage.

I have to thank Bernard Chang for sharing such goodies with me. The Shining Knight panels alone were a great surprise in the mail. But tack on 2 great pages of Supergirl art and I was giddy!


Gene said...

Way to go Anj!

Firebird said...

Congratulations on scoring those original pages Anj! Bernard is really a great guy and an incredible artist. I make it a point to say hi to him each time he appears at our local conventions.

Saranga said...

Aw Bernard Chang is a sweetheart!

Your art is lovely, enjoy :)

Gene said...

Way to go Anj!

ealperin said...

Congrats, Anj! Great works to add to your SG collection! ^__^