Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Super Best Friends Forever Short #5

 Sometimes you don't know how good something is until it is gone.

Sometimes you know right away how great something is and can only watch as it slips away.

The fifth and final Super Best Friends Forever DC Nation short aired Saturday and, as always, it was fantastic. It was bittersweet. Because as fantastic as it was ... it was the final episode.From the first episode, I think everyone fell in love with these versions of these characters: the hotheaded Supergirl, the serious Wonder Girl, and the excitable Batgirl.

'No Fight Girls' has the team face off against Solomon Grundy. Well, trying to face off with him. Grundy is either a sexist or a chivalrous. Because he simply keeps saying 'Grundy no fight girls!'. Here is a link to short in its entirety on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=CKhcHhsRzpw

Seriously, I love the team pose above, especially Batgirl trying to strike fear into the hearts of men.

But despite trying to fight him, Grundy no fight girls.

When he tries to walk away, the SBFFs try to insult him into a battle. They each say a line in a zombie like drawl ... even Wonder Girl. it's a little sign of her lightening up.

Here Batgirl is wondering if it might 'rraaaaaainnnn'.

But even with those barbs, Grundy won't fight.

The dialogue here is hilarious as the SBFFs try to convince him to fight. Supergirl says it'll be fun. Wonder Girl promises that they'll let him almost win. They even throw themselves literally around his leg to beg him for a brawl.

But Grundy is stubborn and sheds them with his mantra that he 'no fight girls'.

Of course, it doesn't matter if he won't fight them.

They are 'equal opportunity butt kickers'. And so we get a great montage of action shot in which they defeat Grundy making him reconsider his views.

Now I know I tend to overanalyze things but even though this was 5 shorts at just over a minute each, I think I have seen some progression of characterization here. It is clear that Wonder Girl is still the most serious of the group but she is cracking jokes here. Supergirl still has a temper but merely facepalms at being called the 'suh-buffs' rather than berating her friends. I really like all these characters, especially Supergirl.

I just can't believe given the quality of these cartoons, the buzz around these shorts, the cred that Lauren Faust brings to the table, the power of the Brony/Pony audience, and the licensing opportunities that this is the last SBFFs cartoon.

 The last that is, unless DCE decides to do the right thing and greenlight more.

Do the right thing DCE!

And thank you Lauren Faust!

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Anonymous said...

It is APPALLING to note that this is the last SBFF short....every time Supergirl gets a good gig on TV she gets cut off from a lasting piece of the action! JLU, Smallville now this!!
For that fact when is the last time Donna Troy did any kind of business outside of the comics??
Disgraceful, Warner Brothers must reconsider this decision!