Tuesday, October 16, 2012

NYCC 2012 Wrap-Up

Well, the New York Comic Con ended 2 days ago and after scouring all the usual sites and reading all the transcripts, there were some wrap-up items that I thought I would show and discuss here.

First off, Newsarama posted some of the pictures flashed on the big screen of the Superman panel. Here is that link: http://www.newsarama.com/php/multimedia/album.php?aid=47696

Most of these are from the upcoming Supergirl issue (a day away!). But one looks like it is from an upcoming Superman issue in the H'El on Eart storyine.

Beautiful stuff here of Supergirl battling Simon Tycho in her underwater Fortress.

The 'Brain' components of him caused Kara some problems in her first fight. But my guess is he used that drop of Kara blood to augment his abilities. It most likely explains how he got into the Fortress and speaks Kryptonian too.

And I can't help but be excited to see more Kenneth Rocafort on Superman. What a gorgeous Supergirl he draws. Now this has to be after the cousins skirmish again. (I am expecting the early parts of H'El to not show Supergirl in a flattering light.) And judging by this page she has just dropped a Corona Wave/solar flare on him.

Great great page.

Some more H'El on Earth news was leaked at the New 52 DC Panel. You can read the whole transcript here: http://www.newsarama.com/comics/nycc-2012-dc-comics-new-52.html

Berganza on H'el on Earth: "Superman's going to be running into some problems, and he's going to be asking for some help from his friends." H'el will kick Superman out of the Fortress of Solitude, meaning Supes will need assistance from Justice League and a character DC isn't naming yet. 

Berganza says they'll be doing something in the Superman comics that Harras didn't want them to do. 

Levitz will be teaming again with Keith Giffen, and introduce the New 52 version of the Fatal Five. "They're going to screw up the whole universe. What do you do when nothing works?" 

Looking at the pages, it looks like one of H'El's initial lines of defense is Supergirl. I anticipate she will see the error in her ways in the second month of this arc. But H'El kicking Superman out of his own Fortress is a fun idea. Superman calling in the JLA for back-up also explains why the Flash would be around to confront Supergirl.

I hope adding Keith Giffen to the Legion book brings some buzz and creative synergy. However the 'nothing works' description sounds a bit too much like the Magic Wars for me.
Lastly, I was hoping that one of the collectibles revealed at the con would be a New 52 Supergirl action figure. Instead the only Supergirl collectible shown was this Supergirl 'bombshell' statue based on WW2 bomber plane art. Here is the link: http://www.dccomics.com/blog/2012/10/10/dc-collectibles-to-unveil-exciting-new-slate-of-collector-items-at-new-york-comic

There is a Wonder Woman one that is a better statue, a sort of Rosie the Riveter 'We Can Do It' power symbol with a fit Wonder Woman breaking chains. This Kara is pure cheesecake. Don't think I'll be getting this one.

Anyone out there make it to the con? Give us some details of what it was like!


Martin Gray said...

Cheers for the round-up, Anj. I wonder who this hero they're not naming yet is. Someone making their New 52 debut?

Probably not Wally or Donna or Steph or Cassie ...

I have it, it's that great Tom DeFalco creation, The Human Cannonball. Hurrah.

valerie21601 said...

It could be a EMP-like technology where every computer run item is nearly instantly blown out. Within 1 week alone untold numbers will be starting to starve to death. Before the month is out starvation and plagues will start to hit in full force.

Example: If the USA was hit with a well placed EMP bomb the entire continent will instantly stop working because we are so technology dependent. Within 1 year there will be less than 10% survivors left in the USA.

For the basic facts on it. I recommend reading the faction book: One Second After by William Forstchen. It's really scary because the writer uses real world facts in it.

Within a couple of months of Hell. Many people will accept any terms and live the way their conquers say, if they will only turn the lights on, give them food and medicine.

So this is easily applied to sci-fi stories.

It sounds-like this new Fatal Five found a way to do it to affect every UP World.

Anj said...

Probably not Wally or Donna or Steph or Cassie ...

Thanks for the post. I agree. Those guys are like Voldemort now. They can't even be named.

Maybe a Superman-centric person. Bizarro? Since we all initally thought H'El might be the new Bizarro, maybe he shows up.

Anj said...

It sounds-like this new Fatal Five found a way to do it to affect every UP World.

Interesting thought. Tech rather than magic.

I wonder if they will tie this story in with the "Violet possessed by the Emerald Eye' story in the Annual a few years ago.

Gene said...

Don't forget that the animated DTV Superman: Unbound was offically announced at NYCC and will be released next summer. So we are going to see some Supergirl animated action again! YAY! :)

Anj said...

Gene, is there a link of some sort about this??

Gene said...

Here's one that got posted yesterday:


Although it does not say so specifically, Molly Quinn will be voicing Supergirl.

Anj said...

Thanks for the link Gene!

You are my 'toon' contact. So if you hear more, please let me know!