Wednesday, October 10, 2012

NYCC 2012

October is universally a busy month for me with a number of annual family obligations and an 'always in October' work conference that takes me away.

As a result, the New York Comicon is sort of like Shangrila for me. I just don't think I am ever going to get there. Each year I keep wondering if I can go even for a day. But it just never materializes. There are always always an inordinate number of creators I'd like to meet. Add to that the panels and announcements and it sounds like a fantastic time.

The Con starts up tomorrow. While I can't get there, I hope you can get there and seek out these Supergirl events and some of her creators who will be in attendance.

Here are some events:

DC COMICS – THE NEW 52: Superman

Date: Thursday, October 11
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Location: 1A10
Speakers: Bob Wayne , Grant Morrison , Mahmud Asrar , Matt Idelson , Rags Morales , Scott Lobdell
Since the launch of the New 52, Superman has been flying higher than ever! Join Group Editor Matt Idelson and SUPER talent Mahmud Asrar (Supergirl), Scott Lodbell (Superman), Rags Morales (Action Comics), Grant Morrison (Action Comics) to take fans new and old up, up and away with a sneak peek at what’s in store for Superman.

I have been told that Mike Johnson will be in attendance and on the panel (even if he isn't listed on the NYCC website).

So the very fact that Morrison is going to be there makes this a can't miss part of the convention. I do find it odd that this panel is happening so early in the con. It is almost as if it isn't important enough to be part of the main days of the NYCC.

Still, I would have lots of questions to ask these guys. And I can't wait to hear wait Matt Idelson has to say this time. The last big con panel I read about he said Superman was a loner who didn't know who he was himself to feel comfortable with taking on mentors.

Also, Johnson and Asrar will be signing at the DC booth on Thursday 5-6 and Friday 10-11. Stop by and let them know what you think of the book!

Mahmud Asrar will have his own table at Booth Y8. I think Asrar's art has been fantastic on the Supergirl book and also hope to get a commission from him as well some day. It would be great to talk to him about the current book and his perspective on the character.

Incredibly, Al Plastino, the artist of Supergirl's first appearance in Action Comics #252, is going to be at the con on Saturday. For those looking, he'll be at the HERO Initiative booth (#1575-77) on Saturday only! I have some of those Action 252 reprints - the Silver Age Classic one and the Millenium edition one - that I would love to get signed. But just to meet the guy!

And other more recent creators will be there as well.

Josh Middleton, cover artist for the early part of the Sterling Gates/Jamal Igle run on the book will be at Booth O10.

Jamal Igle will be at Booth C1. I am hoping to run into Igle soon at one of the more local shows coming up. Jamal is working on his creator owned project Molly Danger and I can't wait to talk to him about it. It sounds like the perfect book for me to get the supergirls at home.

Supergirl cover artist Amy Reeder will be at Booth B1. I loved Reeder's take on Supergirl. She is also working on a creator owned one shot called Halloween Eve.

Bernard Chang, who drew some of Bizarro Girl and all of James Peaty's 'Good Looking Corpse' arc will be at Booth C8. I really love Chang's art and thought he drew a great Supergirl. I keep hoping I will run into him somewhere to get a commission. Chang was just recently named the ongoing artist on Demon Knights. I can't wait to see his take on that team, especially Sir Ystin.

Lastly, Amanda Conner will be at Booth M1. I loved Conner's sweet Supergirl in Wednesday Comics. I dreamed once of getting a commission from her but it sounds like she doesn't do them at cons anymore. Still, her art is so slick that it would be great to chat with her again.

If anyone who visits here goes to the con, please post anything and everything you have seen!


Martin Gray said...

Tell the family you're having a year off - Al Plastino is calling. Legend!

ealperin said...

I met Jamal! He, actually, called me by name as I went by his table! I was surprised that he remembered me! Thank you, Jamal! You made a Super-fan's day, over here, when you signed my jeans jacket! :D