Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sales Review: July 2012

The sales results for July came out recently and as usual, for me, ICv2 does the best job of covering what it all means. Comics as a whole continued to do well with sales strong across the board. The top of the board looked about as strong as I have seen with The Walking Dead #100 selling 335K! Pretty incredible to see an 'indy' zombie book do so well. Below that, there were 4 other books over 100K including Justice League #11 and Batman #11. Also, Before Watchmen mini-series almost all in the top 20 selling over 60K.

Here is the link to ICv2's list of the top 300 books from last month:

As always, I wonder if comic fans have a limited number of dollars and so buying something new or adding a new title means dropping something else. So while mega-events like Avengers Vs Xmen and Before Watchmen do well, mid-level monthly titles might suffer from the shunting of dollars to these finite books.

Supergirl #11, and really all the books in the middle of the pack, seemed to tread water a bit. Sales were down from last issue, just around 2500 issues. But the rank of the book remained in the mid 60s.

No worries about the book, still successful in this market. As always, I would hope the book would basically stabilize and stop losing readers. Perhaps the Supergirl #0 issue will bring in new readers.

Worlds' Finest continues to sell solidly as well, although sales have dropped about a third since the first issue.

Last month sold just over 40K. Nice to see Kelly Sue DeConnick's Captain Marvel sell well too.

I do wonder if the format of this book and the sort of throwback nature of the story (at least this first arc) will keep readers as entertained as I am.

As I mentioned above, I am very interested in seeing just what the Zero Month will do for sales.

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Anonymous said...

I am simply not jelling with this version of Supergirl.

On my part I think it's because J&G have only allowed a glance without getting deeply into Kara's character. Then throwing her neck deep into a battle for the rest of the story.

To me, this Supergirl series is almost all about the fighting, hardly anything about this version of Kara, herself. It doesn't help J&G love to tell decompressed stories too. The first arc could have been done in 4 issues, the Silver Banshee in 2 issues. I would have loved to see Kara well into her 3 or 4 story arc by now.

Up to 12 issues and Supergirl still hasn't finish her first week in this DCnU

I am reading the series but not buying the issues.

I am dearly hoping with the #0 issue and after it. Supergirl will improve a great deal on them developing a deeper character.