Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Joe Kubert 1926-2012

I sadly learned yesterday about the passing of Joe Kubert.

My first interaction with Kubert was an unknown issue which reprinted some of the earliest Silver Age Hawkman issues from his arrival from Thanagar to fighting the Manhawks. I absolutely loved that issue, reading and rereading it until it disintegrated in my hands. To this day when I picture Hawkman in my head it is definitely a Kubert Hawkman.

I will admit that my appreciation of Kubert's art grew as I matured as a comics fan. As I grew older, I saw just how fluid his art was, effortlessly showing action, dramatically setting the panel at the right angle with the right composition. I can remember the first time I recognized how great Kubert was when I was 12 reading Justice League of America #200. In his chapter of the book, Hawkman must try to stop Superman from regaining an Appelex meteor. It was this chapter that struck me the most for its art ... and that is saying something since Brian Bolland, George Perez, Jim Aparo, and Pat Broderick all contributed!

After that, and as I grew older, I began to see his genius in all the things he did ... from Tarzan to Enemy Ace to Sgt. Rock.  But his Hawkman remains my favorite followed closely by his Viking Prince.

I met Mr. Kubert at the Boston Comic Con 2 years ago. I got him to sign my copy of DC Special #5 issue dedicated to him as well as one of my favorite issues of all time First Issue Special #9.

He was such an amiable person, listening to me blather about how much I loved his work, and even flipping through the DC Special issue with me to show the picture he drew of his family inside.

My condolences to the family. The comic's world has lost a legend.

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