Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ame Comi Supergirl #1

I am definitely a 'floppy' kind of a comic collector, having yet to purchase a digital comic.

And while I have avoided the Ame-Comi Supergirl collectibles, I was intrigued to hear that DC was going to do an Ame Comi digital comic and wondered if I should check it out. Having Amanda Conner do the opening book, with the Ame Comi Wonder Woman made it even more interesting. So I was pretty happy to see that DC will be releasing the chapters eventually in print form.

Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Duela Dent, and Power Girl chapters are done. Which means Supergirl's time to headline is now. The opening chapter is up on Comixology here:

The Ame Comi books are being written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray. The art on the Supergirl issues is done by Santi Casas.

I would love to hear from people who have read the Supergirl issue or any of the prior chapters what they have thought. It is hard to move away from the cheesecake art that seems to be the foundation this book is built on. Even in this one page I found on the net, it seems all so embarrassingly titillating. Does the story transcend the images? Is it a fun book? Is it worth getting when it is finally released on paper?

I just don't know if I can get past the gratuitous nature of the art ...


Kim said...

The story is good, and the art's been nice-ish, but with Santi Casas it's taken a wrong turn. It's kinda sorta trying a bit for an 80s Anime & Manga look (I like 80s Manga and Anime), but... Not getting there. I'm liking it despite the current art, really.

But yeah, It's Palmiotti & Gray, so it is a fun book.

Dante said...

The previous issues were and this one,serve as a prologue to Ame Comi Girls,which seems,will be the dominant series.

This Supergirl on the other hand seems nice.The art is fairly weel done,in true Ameri-Manga style,reminds of Marvel's New Mangaverse art and the story seems to be in continuation all the time,which is good.Personally,Santi's art is the best fitting in the series and I hope he keeps it up.

I'd like to see next issue's battle to fully pass judgment on the series.

Anonymous said...

The story is interesting, taking a page from Douglas Adams in making both Krypton and Earth giant computers that keep track of the planet's technology level and alert Brainiac when the planet is ready for conquest. Also instead of Krypton being the victim of a natural disaster,the planet is destroyed to keep it out of Brainiac's hands.

Ayhe said...

I thought the story was pretty good, giving a unique perspective about the fate of Krypton.
I also liked how the two Karas were protrayed :) They are like sisters, and they seem to care about each other.
The cover is lovely, and I wish the artist was also handled the interior.
I like cheesecake art, but I honestly found the art by Santi Casas a bit too much. Besides the obvious gratuitious of the art, I found the characters´s expressions...a bit expressionless.I felt it was a "cold" art for me.
I think you should read it despite the art, because the story is very enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

I love it. I gotta admit Im more of a manga kinda person so i was drawn to the art. Also Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray did the critically acclaimed powergirl run and i dont find it to be lots of cheesecake. Besides, I stucked around all the way cos of Kara and I loved it.

Anonymous said...

I waited until the Supergirl part of this was finished to post, then waited a week to see if my evaluation would change. Nope.

This three part story was different than the previous three-part episodes in this series with Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Robin, Power Girl, and Duella Dent. Supergirl is not the star of the stories with her name on them. She's first a dupe, then a captive, then a pawn/villain while the other characters are there to carry the hero's part of the story.

By the end of the three-part Supergirl portion of these stories Kara is twice a helpless captive of someone else, then turned into the cliche evil "Dark Supergirl" by the primary villain so she can fight the other heroes, including all the standard villainous posturing and sneering. She gets no victories and little opportunity to carry the narrative in what should be her story.

I was actively buying these as my introduction to digital only delivery. Pretty disappointing, I think I'm done with Ame-Comi.