Friday, October 8, 2010

Supergirl Statue: DVD Maquette

I added a new piece to the Shrine on Wednesday. My Supergirl maquette statue based on the Superman/Batman:Apocalypse movie arrived at my comic book store this week.

What a great statue. I think it shows a pretty and graceful Supergirl.

She is sort of in a ballerina type pose, her foot en pointe. I like how her back leg is tucked behind her. At first I was unsure of the angular way her arms are positioned, but I think it works. In the end, I think she is supposed to be coming in for a landing from flying.

The statue is supported by a metal peg in the foot inserted into the base. I was hoping it would go all the way in to the toe, but instead there is some peg showing. The peg is thin, so it gives some illusion of her floating. A large portion of the peg is in the base so it seems secure.

There is a sort of kinetic feel to the statue as well with her leg behind her, her cape and hair flowing.

I think the look of the statue captures the look of the Kara animated in the movie nicely. It clearly has an essence of Michael Turner without being overly stylized like Turner's work could be.

It really is a slick statue and the first of several upcoming additions to my collection. Once I get the others, I'll rearrange the whole collection and post. But this was very very nice.

It is numbered to 2500 and costs $99.00.


Nikki said...

I see panty, Matt Idelson will not be pleased

Unknown said...

Looks good! too bad the costume bottoms are red, they shold be blue. LOL

I noticed your TPB.. why buy the TPB if you buy the monthly ?

Manu said...

They gave her a beautiful profile ! I like it a lot !

Kandou Erik said...

Horrible news! Both Gates and Igle are off of Supergirl - replaced by Nick Spencer and Bernard Chang.

This is just horrible. The single best Supergirl writer is leaving the title. If DC wanted a way to get me a drop the title, this is it.

LissBirds said...

Oooooh...her pose is so pretty and feminine! I like it!

Also, the fact that you know what "en pointe" is makes me very happy.

Anj said...

Thanks for the comments. I really like the way this statue looks.

I didn't know if I should comment on the panties in my discussion.

As for the TPB's, for runs or issues that I know I will reread many times or lend to buddies, I buy both the issues and the trades. It is so much easier to carry and read the trades.

stuorstew said...

What a great looking statue am rather jealous.

Talking about the trades behind it though what is the blue spined book after the Legion ones? The figure on the spine makes it look a little like the Cosmic Adventures Kara but I am not sure it is.

TalOs said...

Aside from the skirt being just a tad TO micro like for my liking come Supergirl (along with that 'V' cut style top) it truly does honor the late Turner's beautiful art style. :-)