Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Review: DCU Legacies #6

DC Universe Legacies as a series has really been a love letter to the DCU, reviewing all the major storylines of the Universe from the eyes of 'everyman' Officer Paul Lincoln and his family. As an old-timer and amateur DCU historian, I have really enjoyed this series.

Now the series has temporally caught up with me, reviewing the major plots of my adolescence. It really has been fantastic to look at these major events again, from a different angle, and with a slightly different slant. Legacies #6 continued to look at the events of the Crisis and beyond and sported this fantastic COIE cover by George Perez. I mean what could be more fantastic than seeing Anthro stabbing Starro with a spear?

Well, I know what is more fantastic ... seeing that Supergirl flying into the fray, ready to lay the smackdown on the Anti-Monitor.

Even if it is in the background or a tiny piece of the cover, it was great to see the Earth-1 Kara again. She was such a hero in Crisis and yet she 'never existed'. So how could she be seen here?

I think writer Len Wein does a great job sort of sliding over the inconsistencies that sprout from trying to force the events of the Crisis into the current timeline. Since the Crisis muddled with time, everyone doesn't remember it's events exactly the same way. How could there be a second Superman? A Supergirl? That Wonder Woman? There really can't be. But people probably have some vague notion or memories of those heroes. It is a nice little way to recognize the acts of those heroes without saying specifically they were there.

This issue wrapped up the retelling of the Crisis, touched on the Detroit JLA (although the timing seems off, they were formed pre-Crisis), and then did a good job reviewing the events of Ostrander and Byrne's Legends mini-series, an underrated and oft-forgotten 'event' that I love.

But the best part of this issue was the back-up story by Len Wein and Keith Giffen and starring the Legion.

In a replay of a very important scene in the DCU, we see the classic original Legionnaires showing up in Smallville to recruit Clark to join the Legion. I have read this story many times, seen it in many comics. I thought this was going to simply be the origin of 'Superboy and the Legion'.

But then the story takes a very amusing turn, as other versions of the Legion also show up at the same time. Here, the current, older Legion arrives trying to convince Clark to not go to the future. It is funny to see multiple Saturn Girl's trying to take charge. While it seemed out of character, I especially loved the younger Imra wondering why she would ever sport that buzz-cut hairstyle. I mean, this can't be in continuity ... a little levity is okay with me.

The parade of different Legions continue to show up with more and more time bubbles arriving and more and more Legions asking Clark for help.

Even the Waid reboot Legion arrives with Supergirl trying to recruit Clark. I sort of miss that Ayla costume. Funny how Supergirl is in a Silver Age sort of uniform here.

The Legions then begin to bicker about which version Clark should go to the future with. Supergirl thinks the 'S shield' trumps all the others and that Clark should return with them. The younger Legionnaires think he should join them because they were there first. It is absolutely silly.

The story has a great ending with Superboy refusing them all. I think he was sort of turned off by all the in-fighting. How can the Legion be champions of some high ideals when they can't agree amongst themselves? Maybe this is the beginning of the Legion streamlining their beliefs, or even starting the constitution.

Or maybe it's just an amusing way to acknowledge all the Legion reboots and eras. I thought it was a very nice read with a humorous tenor. Certainly this was a slick contrast to the review of the darker chapters of the DCU seen in the front half.

I am not blown away by this book but I have consistently enjoyed it.

Overall grade: B+/B


Nikki said...

Most innaccurate Legion origin ever? I do love that it seems Giffen just said screw that to that the belly shirt. Its just so him

Theresa Winterfields said...

I was ecstatic to see Pre-Crisis Kara on the cover; she may not have been shown inside but having her on a cover for the "New History of the DC Universe" is still awesome! It's like DC subtley deciding to acknowledge that Kara did exist in continuity before her Superman/ Batman reboot!

I didn't like the Legion short. It should've been in a Legion Annual or anniversary with its tongue-in-cheek look at Clark's/ the Legion's origins. Especially since it contradicts the latest Origin mini for Kal-El.

The art was terrible. I remember reading the arc in the 80's where Sgirl aided the Legion ... The classic scene where Brainiac 5 declares Kara "too damn distracting.". I loved Giffen's art and felt he drew Kara beautifully and very regal, worthy of Emerald Empress calling an unconscious Supergirl as "Sleeping Beauty".

As for how Giffen's drew Kara here, it was probably laziness or uncaring.

The only thing I liked was that it was acknowledged that Imra is fugly with her current hair style! (I wish there was a slight on the current ugly fashion choice by Projectra!)

As for the fallen sales, it doesn't help that Kara was kick @$$ and confident at the beginning but in order to make her more "wholesome" DC seems to feel she must constantly make misguided choices, be confused and be whiny. A perfect combination of guts, wisdom, and strength was how she was depicted as Interceptor.

Too often in her own title she is filled with self-doubt and insecurities. I thought we'd have finished that by now but before Gates left didn't seem to erase that but give her more. At least in Justice League, she seems stronger in character, and I'm pleased she's in the Neo-Trinity of Donna and Dick.

With all the guest stars, at least DC seems to want to pull up the sales, and that she is becoming a greater part of the DC Universe as a whole!

I don't know why it was mentioned Dark Kara would be of Earth-2 when that's still Kara as a Power Girl there. If Earth-3, wouldn't that have been Ultra Girl who was injured/ killed in Countdown as mentioned in the Superman Encyclopedia?

As for Kara's belly shirt: I'm female and see nothing wrong with it. So what if her midriff is bared. If that causes sex appeal, so what! If you're going by her physical age caused by suspended animation, she's still like 18 or 19. In this day and age teens lose their virginity at 15 or younger; I'm not stating that's right or that young teens should be depicted as sex objects but that it's silly to go on about Kara as if she's too young to be sexy. Her costume doesn't have to come off as sex just because there's skin shown. Its not impractical as Phantom Lady nor anywhere as the excuse behind why PL wears it.

Sorry for the rant, I'm just very ticked how Diana's costume was changed on the whim of some Quaker attitude, which is also hypocritical as she's now wearing g bondage straps and showing as much cleavage and detailed @$$ as before.