Sunday, October 17, 2010

DC Super Heroes: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book

Figured I would end the week with a more light hearted post. Two of the Supergirls at home had birthdays this week and one of the gifts I got them was the recently released DC Superheroes Ultimate Pop-Up book.

It really is a phenomenal book with massive characters that explode from the page with smaller sub pop up pages that have intricate pop-ups as well. The thing I like about this book is that it isn't a superficial look at the DCU but includes pages that talk about New Genesis/Apokolips, The Anti-Monitor, The JSA, etc. Yes, it is a quick glance at the periphery of the DC Universe but I never thought I would see Dr. Fate in a kid's book.

Here is the overall Superman page with Supes just bursting on to the scene, flying over the Daily Planet.

And here is one of the smaller pages on that page. Look ... it's Supergirl! In a red skirt no less!

The Supergirls loved this inset page with a cute little baby Kal tucked into his rocket ship. Awwww...

For me, the best page was the Wonder Woman page with Diana kicking her way out of the book. I miss this costume.

Again, the entire book is great with pages about Batman (with a working bat signal!), the Green Lanterns, super-villains, etc.

The last page is a huge pop-up brawl of heroes vs. villains with 42 characters in the melee (as well as a sneaky inclusion of the Wonder Twins). It was too unwieldy to get a proper picture of but in it Supergirl is squaring off against Bizarro. Nice!

I highly recommend the book to anyone who wants to inspire a child to become more interested in the DCU in a more in-depth way. My girls have loved it. Definitely a nice little purchase.


Yota said...

Wow, it's pretty impressive the way that some of the artwork is drawn dynamically; it makes it stand out even more than the fact it's a pop-up image. Oh, and "Happy Birthday" to your girls!

Aaron said...

Neato! Not often that one needs a camera and not a scanner for book images! Pow!

Anj said...

It really is a slick book and I would recommend it highly.

TalOs said...

So cool! :-D

A Happy belated Birthday to your girls too, Anj. :-)