Thursday, September 30, 2010

More Previews From Smallville:Supergirl

Is everybody as pumped for the Supergirl episode of Smallville, scheduled for an October 8 airing?

Well, just in case you weren't excited by the concept, maybe some pictures from the episode will stir you from your doldrums. Over on CBR, the CW has released from stills from the episode as well as the official episode solicit. Here is the link:

And here is the solicit:

“Supergirl” (TV-14) (HDTV)
LAURA VANDERVOORT RETURNS AS DC COMICS’ CHARACTER SUPERGIRL — Clark (Tom Welling) is stunned when Kara (guest star Laura Vandervoort) returns to Earth and tells him Jor El sent her to stop the dark force that is coming because he doesn’t believe Clark can handle it.  Meanwhile, Lois (Erica Durance) confronts Gordon Godfrey (guest star Michael Daingerfield), a shock jock radio DJ who has been crusading against heroes, after he threatens the Green Arrow (Justin Hartley).  However, after Godfrey is possessed by the dark force, he takes Lois hostage and Clark and Kara have to come to her rescue.  Mairzee Almas directed the episode written by Ann Cofell Saunders

Nice description with Jor-El realizing he needs someone 'take charge' to battle Darkseid and that person is Supergirl. And Glorious Godfrey as a shock jock is a stroke of genius.

But that picture of Laura Vandervoort in a near-Supergirl uniform, standing next to the American flag is just spectacular.

But that's not all! There are a lot more photos.

In this one, Vandervoort sports what looks to be more of a combat uniform with the blue leather jacket and pants.

And what could be better than a little Linda Lee thrown in for good measure!


Tip of the hat to blog friend Gene for sending me this link to a CW promo clip on YouTube where Vandervoort talks about Supergirl and the episode. Here is that link:

Man, Vandervoort just sounds like a Supergirl fan, invoking Helen Slater, crossing her fingers that a Supergirl movie will be made, and sounding excited to play the role again.

One more week! 


Anonymous said...

How are they gonna write her out of the storyline this time I wonder?
Last time, she literally flew off like "Poochie" in that Simpsons ep..."I have to return to my home planet now..." very clumsy and disdainful towards the Kara fan base.
I'm sure this time they will exceed themselves whatever the "No More Supergirl" gimmick may be.

La Vandervoort shur look purty in dat's all too bad really.

John Feer

Gene said...

Anj wrote:
"Is everybody as pumped for the Supergirl episode of Smallville, scheduled for an October 8 airing?"

That picture of her by the American flag is quite iconic. I see Lara V. autographing numerous prints of that picture in her future.

"Nice description with Jor-El realizing he needs someone 'take charge' to battle Darkseid and that person is Supergirl."

I find it fascinating that Supergirl and Darkseid keep crossing paths across different mediums since "Little Girl Lost."

In fact, I wrote a brief retrospective recently about how the depiction of Supergirl in that two part episode influenced her later portrayals in comics and TV:

John Feer wrote:
"How are they gonna write her out of the storyline this time I wonder?"

This is just a hunch, but Kara might appear more than once before Smallville ends. The producers have not written all the remaining episodes yet. We will just have to see what happens to Kara at the end of "Supergirl."

Ravenwynd said...

Have to agree, I am highly anticipating this episode while hoping for more. Too bad it is Smallville's last season. She looks darn good as Kara. Hopefully the writing doesn't kill it for us. :P I would like to see more with her as Kara and some good writing and stories. If we could get something on the live action front the way the current Supergirl comics run is, I'd be ecstatic!

Jason said...

I'm definitely psyched!! I too like the description about Jor-El wanting to bring Kara in because he's afraid Clark can't handle the impending danger. She really has always been the more take-charge, proactive one. It seemed to be a flaw that Smallville producers frowned upon during season 7, necessitating that they write her out. I'm so glad to see such a reversal of attitude. This sounds like Kara's actions will be shone in a truly heroic light. The pictures are great!!

I too wonder, though, how she will be written out at the end of this episode. I'd like more of an ending that actually provides closure instead of having her fly off never to be seen again, leaving us wondering what happened to her.

I still say a time-travel story (with the Legion even) is necessary to truly tie up Kara's loose-ends. Smallville needs to reconcile how Kara is a teenager now and is also supposed to be a teenager when she meets Clark years later as Superman. I've been saying this since season 7. Possible scenarios in that vein: Perhaps like "Jimmy," this isn't the real Kara? Perhaps she's from an alternate timeline and a future story might involve returning her to her proper timeline where she meets Clark as Superman.

Regardless of what happens, I am beyond thrilled that Kara is coming back!! I also would like this to NOT be her last appearance. It would be great if she could continue to appear later in the season or at least in the series finale.

valerie21601 said...

I wonder will they consider having Kara meet their version of Brainiac 5 in it?

It would be interesting to see Kara react to him. A man, who has the face of a very personal enemy but also the face of someone she could come to care about.

Nikki said...

CBR doesn't have them all I don't think.

Nikki said...

Also, notice her jacket is costumed like the legionnaires. Kara has her yellow cuffs like the Turner design before they were expanded into amazonian bracelets

Anj said...

Nice thoughts on a time travel or Legion ending for Supergirl in Smallville. That would leave the door open for some sort of specials or new series in the future.

Vandervoort seems perfect for the role and really seems to have embraced the role.

And I agree she will probably be signing that American flag pic the rest of her celebrity life.

TalOs said...

O_O YES!!! SO excited after having seen these all new caps of Kara beginning to embrace her 'Supergirl' superheroic career self pics on offer! WOOT! BRING ON NEXT WEEK'S EPISODE!!! B-D

Mart said...

That US flag image was great, wonder if they were inspired by the (Daring New Adventures of) Supergirl #13?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where I can find this jacket?