Thursday, September 9, 2010

Baltimore Comic-Con: Shane Davis Commission

I have always been very impressed with Shane Davis' art wherever I have seen it. Whether it be covers on Countdown or Green Lantern, internal pages on JLA, or the terrifically horrific Final Crisis:Rage of the Red Lanterns. While Amanda Conner, Jamal Igle, and Terry Moore were my primary commission targets, Davis was definitely high on my list if those others didn't pan out.

When I learned that Amanda Conner would not be doing any commissions at the convention  (I'll post a little about that soon), I needed to decide on a back-up and pretty quickly. Commission lists fill up almost instantly at Baltimore. Luckily there was still some space on Davis' list!

I really love this commission. Davis' stuff is so slick. I always specify the costume I want but I rarely ask for a specific pose, figuring that the artist will be struck by the muse or put her in what he thinks is her 'ultimate pose'. As a result, I have lots of  commissions of angelic Supergirls floating in the clouds. So to get this lean, mean, stern looking Supergirl is refreshing. She looks like she's about to backhand someone who is irritating her.

 It certainly is a different look than the smiling Supergirl we saw on the cover of Supergirl #54. I look forward to seeing Davis' art on Superman:Earth-One and wouldn't mind seeing him drawing Supergirl again at some point.


Gene said...

Anj wrote:
"She looks like she's about to backhand someone who is irritating her."


Great looking piece Anj!

Craig M said...

great sketch! I always love seeing a ticked off/ irritated Supergirl myself. :) (I love seeing SGirl punching her cousin out even more, heh )