Monday, August 23, 2010

More From Supergirl Annual #2

Over on Matt Camp's blog, he has posted a couple of new preview panels for Supergirl Annual #2. Here is the link:

This Annual includes the Legion, focuses on Brainiac 5 and Kara, and is the re-imagination of Satan Girl. I think many Supergirl fans are eagerly awaiting this one. So any sneak peeks are greatly appreciated. Here are the new panels.

This is a nice shot of Brainy and Supergirl. He looks classically uncomfortable around her while she is all smiles. Very nice.

Another shot, this time with a much sterner look on Cosmic Boy's face. Judging by the costumes on the original three as well as Phantom Girl (on the cover) this story looks like it takes place in the earliest days of the team.

I wonder if Sterling Gates needed to run the script by Paul Levitz to make sure he approved of things. As noted before here, Levitz seemed to love the original Supergirl so hopefully he likes the idea of her crossing over with the team.

Anyways, thanks to Matt Camp for continuing to show us more glimpses of the book!


Mart said...

Oh, Matt is such a tease. I want this now!

Nikki said...

Interesting he mixed up the skirt when he knows what the right design is. He's drawn it before! He does a great Legion, compare this to what we are getting in Adventure and you have to ask why Matt isn't a regular artist. Although, if rumours are true he would be a good candidate for Supergirl next.

Its odd seeing Brainy shy in these silver age era stories. That was a levitz thing. He was very forthright in his first appearances and a bit of a badass when it came to throwing and taking punches.

Jason said...

I think it would be very cool if Levitz indeed likes and approves of Supergirl crossing over with the "original" Legion team again. What would be even cooler is if we could see Supergirl cross over with the early Legion during their early adventures with Clark as Superboy!! That happened in the Silver Age, right? So why not revive those adventures? I think it would make for an interesting dynamic for Kara to encounter a Clark who actually is as young as or younger than was originally intended by her parents when she was rocketed from Argo.

valerie21601 said...

As I recall Brainiac 5 was intended to be quite a Renaissance type of man. The early issues show him having quick, socially graceful (expect when Supergirl was around), over chivalrous to the women of the Legion, he was willing to give and receive punches, like Nikki pointed out. If I remember right I read somewhere he does have musical talent but almost never applies it.

Over the years his character changed and evolved into a harden, distant, isolated scientist prone to mental and emotional problems, who now keeps people at an emotional distance from himself.

I do hope B5 will keep on evolving, hopefully with Kara in his future too.

Kandou Erik said...

I can't wait for this issue. The whole Supergirl run has just been phenomenal - one of the best titles out there - and this Annual is going to be like the cherry on top!

Jason said...

Also...check out for fresh spoilers on the "Supergirl" episode where Kara returns again this season. Looks like we may see her in costume, and she adopts the Linda Lee Danvers identity.

Anj said...

Thanks for all the comments.

I really do hope that Levitz/Gates think the occasional SG/legion crossover is a good thing. Maybe make it a yearly thing like the old JLA/JSA crossovers pre-Crisis.

As for Brainy's persona, I grew up with him as the 'so intelligent he is prone to insanity' guy. Levitz seems to have the 'current' Brainy being very stern and impersonal. It will be interesting to see if the brainy in 'earlier stories' like this one is more emotional.

valerie21601 said...

We'll see how it is when the Supergirl Annual #2 comes out, Anj. So far for the Adventure early years, he does appear to be emotional at times. I think it would be the years going by that would harden him, between the insanity and losing Kara to her fate. I would like to find out if Andromeda does exist in the current Legion story lines.

One of the few story lines I did enjoy in the Five Years Later Legion was that B5 and Andromeda were having personal problems and was trying to work things out between themselves out. When Querl's best friend, Rond Vidar came in a stole her away from him and getting Laurel pregnant. Personally, I have seen what it's like for a guy to lose his girl and worse lose her to his best friend, the anger and bitterness it can cause for them. So I wonder if we will see that story line in the present day Legion in the near future? After all Universo did say after Rond Vidar died that Rond had/has a son somewhere, who is the mother? Laurel maybe?

TalOs said...

Looking good! Truly awaiting in much anticipation for this 'lil gem in the making to come out already! B-D

Craig M said...

Months late, I know, but I'm excited if once again, Kara can have a place beside Kal in the Legion again.

Levitz had originally wanted Kara to be Sensor Girl way back, but DC had said no at the time, thus Projectra becoming the new hero, so it makes sense that he'd want to return Kara to her rightful place among the Teen Heroes of the uh, Past-Future. :)