Monday, August 2, 2010

Apocalypse Storyboards

You know, waiting the next 2 months for Superman/Batman Apocalypse to come out is going to stink. I want to see it now.

Apparently there is a 'first look' special about the movie on the Batman:Red Hood DVD which just came out which at least gives a little sneak peek at the film. During this piece, storyboard images of the movie are shown and some of the actors and creators are interviewed.

EDIT: First Look is currently on YouTube here.

While I haven't had the luxury of seeing it yet, good friend Gene forwarded me some images to whet my appetite even more. And, of course, I have to give some commentary.

Sadly, it looks as though we are going to see a naked Kara parade around Gotham City. This was one of the things from the story that I hoped would be left out of the movie. It doesn't add much to the story and therefore feels gratuitous.

This looks like a scene from the batcave where Superman first learns that Kara is his cousin.While just the storyboard pic, I like how close the cousins seem to be here.

In a scene not in the original comic, Clark takes Kara out on a shopping trip.

I am torn about this idea and will need to see how it plays out. I suppose it has some comic potential. I just don't want Supergirl to come across as some vapid mall rat.

I am not a big fan of the 'corrupted Supergirl' or her Female Fury-like garb. Still, this picture of an enraged Supergirl looks pretty cool, even if she is under Darkseid's control and fighting Superman.

This image looks almost directly lifted from one of Michael Turner's panel at the end of the comic story.

It is going to very cool to see Supergirl in costume at the end of the movie. I hope it will lead to other animated appearances for her.

The most intriguing storyboard images for me are of Supergirl's origins, being rocketed away by Zor-El and Alura. This scene was not in the original comic arc. You may recall there, Supergirl didn't remember much of her origins. She barely remembers Alura's name. So I will be interested to see where this scene gets fit into the movie. And exactly which of her origins are they going to use ... is it going to be the 'rocketed from Krypton to take care of Kal-El' or the 'rocketed from Argo City after Krypton explodes'?

But seeing Alura on screen? Fantastic.

September 28th can't get here fast enough! Thanks again to Gene for sending the images to me!


TalOs said...

OH-MY-GOD!!! O_O *has to take a moment to pick his jaw off of ground* After seeing THAT I also am sharing Anj's frustration in having to wait till sometime Sep '10 to take in the truly sheer beauty of this in what is sure to be yet another mega successful smash hit for WB/DCE! DAMN!!! O_O


Nikki said...

There is a clip on the Red hoot facebook page. Kara is drenched in shadow when she is naked. You just see a shape. Zor-El sounds very strange in that clip. There is no warmth at all.

Nikki said...

*red hood, not red hoot although I'm sure red hood is a hoot.

TalOs said...

I have to agree in Zor unfortunately sounding a tad wee bit on the cold side when we hear him speak and reminds me more that of Smallville's interpertation of him (heartless, cold and evil) instead of the loving, warm father from comics' New Krypton era self.

I just loved hearing Tim Daily as Superman finally getting to introduce Kara as 'Zor-El' and NOT 'In-Zee' like he unfortunately had to do in the '90's when having to refer to Superman Animated Series take on Kara. (Regardless of the fact that 'In-Zee' was at one time Alura's actual maiden name. Just never felt right with me having Kal-El refer to her as being 'Kara In-Zee'.)

Gustavo Delamarques said...

Oh my good!!!
Argo City is destroyed after in Krypton? this is total error in history of supergirl origin.
Argo City is fragment of krypton intact in big asteroid of anti-kryptonite, The City is protect in dome shield, and lost floating in the space.

Gustavo Delamarques said...

Look Argo City history in my blog:

TalOs said...

True true, but what we have to bear in mind here is that this particular animated movie will be more in accordance to Kara having been reintroduced to main DCU proper at the time (2004) in where Jeph had her official origin back story then apparently being that it was KARA who was the elder teen cousin who use to baby sit a then young baby Kal-El while still living with her parents (Zor-El and Alura) in Argo City, which is supposedly where that huge chunk of meteorite Kara's ship gets caught in during Krypton exploding is believed to once originate from, Argo City itself. That's the particular origin explanation that WB/DC seem to be aiming for with this particular take on going abouts explaining to the audience on exactly how Kara survived Krypton's actual destruction, crash land on Earth, and still being the same age (16) upon first leaving Krypton when being found by Batman and Superman. ;-)

Gene said...

"Thanks again to Gene for sending the images to me!"

Cheers Anj!

Good to hear from you again TalOs! Long time no read! :)

I too am really looking forward to Apocalypse, but I am not crazy about Kara running around naked in Gotham. Why couldn't they give her some white Kryptonian robes ala Lara Vandervoort in Smallville?

Anj said...

I agree with Gene. It is good hearing from you Talos!