Monday, March 22, 2010

Eddy Barrows On Superman

I don't know what to think about the recent announcement on the DC Source Blog that Eddy Barrows will be the artist on JMS' run on Action Comics. Here is the link and some of the post:

Eddy Barrows will be the artist for JMS’ run on SUPERMAN, starting with a story in SUPERMAN #700 and kicking off officially with July’s #701. We showed you some of Barrows’ stunning art from the upcoming WAR OF THE SUPERMAN Free Comic Book Day book recently, so you’ve got an idea what to expect. But that’s never stopped us from showing new art before, so why stop now? Here, for your Friday afternoon enjoyment is a fantastic page from WAR OF THE SUPERMAN. We showed the pencils recently, but the finished colors are amazing, and give you a great idea of what Eddy’s Man of Steel will look like.

So I would be happy about this announcement because I happen to think when Barrows' art is clicking than it really is spectacular. The problem I have with the announcement is that I have heard it before and I don't know if I believe it.

Remember when Barrows' was announced as the ongoing artist for Greg Rucka's run on Action Comics? He drew a dynamic Action Comics #875 and the bulk of the bloody Action Comics #876. And then suddenly he was gone. I thought his art on those issues was dynamic and grabbing.

But he couldn't stay on timeline for more than one and a half issues.

He was also named the artist on Superman:Blackest Night. I really enjoyed that mini-series, in particular how Supergirl was treated in that storyline. And Barrows' did a great job with Supergirl as well. I loved his take on her costume, the shirt much longer, the S-shield large.

But he also lasted only 2+ issues on this 3 issue mini-series.

So, again, while I loved his art here, he also needed a pinch hitter to finish the book.

I am sure I will enjoy his art on the book while he is on it. And I really hope it is a long run. But I won't be surprised if someone else is on pencils a few months in.

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TalOs said...

Hmmm, as much as I honestly adore his art (and I do), I'm just not quite sure he should be paired with JMS come DC's most hyped about forthcoming run on the main 'Superman' title (since that of Donner and Johns own 'Last Son' arc) especially if he isn't able to meet deadlines and DC have to rely on another all together to pick up his Slack. :-/