Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Supergirl: The First Fifty Years" Library Display

Congratulations to blog-friend Gene for putting together a Supergirl display for the Tucson Public Library system titled "Supergirl:The First Fifty Years"!

My guess is the general public has little knowledge of Supergirl so displays like this can really get the word out. Above is the local flyer promoting the display.

I also can't help but love Supergirl being used to promote literacy and reading in kids. The picture in the lower left of the flyer with Kara carrying a huge stack of books is wonderful.

Here are some shots of the display (photographer Thomas Wheeler) and what Gene has to say about the display himself.

The commemorative Supergirl display that I have been working on for several months is now available for public viewing at the Sam Lena-South Tucson Public Library.

"Supergirl: The First 50 Years" is not only to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Supergirl, but also as a way to encourage literacy through the use of comics books and to promote a strong positive female role model. The display covers key eras in Supergirl's comic book history, but also the different incarnations of her in movies, television, books, and action figures. Along with historical summaries and pictures, the display is supplemented by trivia and key quotes from writers, producers, and actresses who helped shape and define Supergirl for the past 50 years. Its also for the fans who have stood by and supported her character all these years.

What a fabulous display taking up the whole wall of the room.

It must have taken some time to research and put it together. I am really impressed.

Here are a couple of close-up shots.

First off, there are sections of the display covering the different comic book eras in her history. Here is the 1958-1985 section with some great cover shots and panels displaying Supergirl's variety of powers.

The center of the board is eye-grabbing with the huge shot of a happy flying Kara as drawn by Barry Kitson. I really loved Kitson's take on Supergirl in his run on Legion of Super-Heroes.

That is just a great shot of Supergirl to bring people closer to the board - happy, healthy looking, beautiful.

And I loved the end panel titled "Supergirl For The Next Generation" showing families the Supergirl:Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade as well as Tiny Titans. This lets parents know that comics are available for younger kids to get them reading.

I can't thank Gene enough for doing this and sharing it with me. Congratulations again! I wish I lived close enough to bring the supergirls at home to see it.


Saranga said...

i'm loving the super quotes! I am firmly convinced that comics are a great way to engage with those people who have difficulty reading or low confidence in their reading abilities.

TalOs said...

0_0 *wipes eyes and does a double take* WOW! Gene my hat off to you on putting together such a labor of love ended up celebrationary themed masterpiece! WOOT!!! BD

Gene said...

Thanks for the kind words everyone! :D

Anj said...

Thanks for the kind words everyone! :D

Well deserved.

Glad I was able to help a little!

Unknown said...


My drawing of the costumes is there!


Anj said...


My drawing of the costumes is there!



I think of us as a community here and this display shows that!

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome display! Never before have I seen such attention to detail. Truly an impressive piece. I highly recommend this for all to see. Great job Gene! You are a true artist and writer!