Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Review: Tiny Titans #16

Tiny Titans #16 is another fun issue for older fans and the Johnny DC crowd. And anytime Kara is featured I figure a review is in order.

While the other Titans are usually the fodder for jokes, Supergirl always seems above the fray. I think that is an interesting wrinkle to this book.

As I mentioned when the book was solicited, the cover is a nice homage to this 1970's Treasury Edition comic which reprinted some Superman/Flash races from the past. Even the breakdown of who is rooting for who is similar.

Alas the issue isn't merely a Supergirl/Kid Flash race.

Coach Lobo is having a hard time convincing the Titans that they need to exercise. He asks them what they think gave him all his muscles. Their answers are pretty silly. These are only 2 panels ... there are a couple more.

To drive home the point he tells the Titans that there will be an around the world race.

The speedsters ... Supergirl, Kid Flash, and Inertia ... take the task in stride. In fact they seem excited.

The rest of the group is not as happy. How the heck are they going to accomplish that! Raven immediately drops out of the race and heads for the library. She tells Lobo that she doesn't run.

The race goes along swimmingly until the pack reaches the coast. The water-based Titans and Beast Boy shrug their shoulders and take to the water. Robin is given a snorkel and fins and joins them.

I love how he says he brought his shark spray. Is it a reference to Adam West and his 'Bat anti-shark spray' from the old Batman movie?

And this the same month that a 'some days you just can't get rid of a bomb' reference in Super Friends! Unreal. Two Adam West Batman movie references in one month! Us old guys can't get enough Easter Eggs.

Don't ask me why I got such a kick out of this. But Batgirl had a bat-copter stashed at the coast and takes off in it.

The group of speedsters continues undeterred .... cruising across the desert and picking up Mas y Menos along the way. Don't ask me how they can lose to someone swimming. I don't think I am supposed to be thinking that critically.

But the first person to cross the finish line is Raven, fresh from her trip to the library.

Then all the rest of the Titans careen across the finish line, barreling into Lobo in the process.

Still he names Raven the winner!

As usual, Art Baltazar continues to mix enough DC history and all ages fun into this title.

Overall grade: B+


Nikki said...

I think Supergirl gets second, she's broken the panel box LOL. So is the message here that academia trumps sports?!

I love how the batfamily show their prep time, they are prepared for anything but Robin forgets his jellyfish spray! I'm impressed he swum multiple oceans! I also loved Batgirl's 'copter. And that panel you posted were the others look on and she looks back, it looks so uncomfortable. Like there is tension!

My other favourite part was Lobo reading Captain Marvel and saying 'Oh, Shazam!'. For some reason in my mind he said it like someone would say 'Oh, Snap!' Which is probably not the way they intended it at all.

TalOs said...

Unfortunately wasn't able to pick up my copy of this last week *sighs* but hey, really can't wait to get it this week even more so now after seeing that! :D

Cool! Supergirl is in her iconic '84 movie's own flying pose there too! BD

Viking Zombie Boyfriend said...

Li'l Batgirl's guilty sideways glance as she sneaks over to her hidden Batcopter was my favorite part of a very funny issue.