Tuesday, May 19, 2009

August Solicits

I thought August was going to be a busy month for DC because of all the Blackest Night books. Turns out it will be very busy for the super-titles as well. Here is the post on Newsarama discussing all the super books: http://www.newsarama.com/comics/090515-superman-august-2009.html

And here are the ones I will be buying. We start out with a new title ... one I am pretty excited about.

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Francis Manapul, co-feature art by Clayton Henry
Covers by Francis Manapul

It's the return of one of DC Comics' longest running books and one of its greatest modern-day heroes – Conner Kent! In our first heroic issue, Superboy can't wait to jump back into his life – but which life will it be? With a clarity he's never had before, Conner makes a beeline for the greatest place on Earth...Smallville?Plus, in the wake of FINAL CRISIS: LEGION OF THREE WORLDS, Starman heads off on an all-new mission in the present. And it's one that will not only impact Superboy, but the future of the DC Universe itself. Fortunately, the off-kilter Legionnaire won't be dong it alone! And in the upcoming months of ADVENTURE COMICS look for Lex Luthor! Brainiac! Lightning Lad! Superboy's pal Simple Simon! Sun Boy and Polar Boy! Ultra, the Multi Alien! Wonder Girl! Black Lantern Alexander Luthor! And many, many more new and familiar faces!

It was nice to read in a recent DC Nation comic that there was an editorial contingent that Supergirl should headline Adventure Comics. Even I have to admit that I don't think Kara could carry two titles on the market. So it is only natural that Superboy and the Legion co-host the titles revival. It sounds like it will be two books though 'Superboy' and 'The Legion' rather than 'Superboy and the Legion'. I hope there will be a couple of crossovers.

As a long time Legion fan I am really interested to see which team comes through Legion of Three Worlds. Johns wrote a great Legion in Action and Manapul drew a great Legion so I am there and plan to review the title here.

And the promise of Wonder Girl and Black Lantern Alexander Luthor (!!) has me licking my chops.

And now the Super-titles.

Written by Sterling Gates, Geoff Johns, James Robinson and Greg Rucka
Art by Pete Woods, Jamal Igle, Renato Guedes, Julián López and various
Cover by Aaron Lopresti

There’s never been a better (or busier) time to be a Superman fan! With so many new characters and locations to keep track of, DC brings readers the definitive guide to the ever-expanding world of Superman. Here you will get profiles of characters like Nightwing and Flamebird, General Zod, Supergirl, Mon-El and more, plus maps of locations such as New Krypton’s Kandor and Metropolis.Also included is a bittersweet story about the friendship of Supergirl and Flamebird, and a story revealing the dark legacy of Pete Ross’ brief time as President of the United States. Plus, a week in the life of Science Cops Billi Harper and Jonathan (Mon-El) Kent. This SECRET FILES issue serves as an excellent primer to this month’s “Codename: Patriot” crossover in the Superman titles, so don’t miss out!

Well first off I have to say that I am a huge Aaron Lopresti fan. I have always thought he would draw a great Supergirl and his cover proves it.

I have to say I am a sucker of Secret File books like this with Who's Who style pages, maps, etc.

But of course I am most interested in reading the 'Kara and Thara' story. We have only heard that they were good friends on Krypton. We haven't exactly seen it since Kandor was released from Brainiac's ship. In fact, their few scenes have been strained. So I look forward to reading this and understanding their relationship more. I wonder if Gates/Igle are doing that story.

Written by Greg Rucka & James Robinson
Art by Pete Woods
Cover by Fernando Dagnino & Raúl Fernandez
Variant cover by Eddy Barrows & Julio Ferriera

It’s chaos in Kandor as the 4-part “Codename: Patriot” storyline kicks off here and runs through the August Superman titles! Someone has been shot and Superman will stop at nothing to find the culprit! But when the shooter flees to Earth, can Superman stop him in time to prevent making the two planets even more hostile toward each other? Continued in ACTION COMICS #880!

So the big crossover event 'Codename:Patriot' starts here with someone being shot. Since Superman is investigating the crime, I can't be him. While Alura seems an obvious target, I hope it isn't her just because shooting both of Kara's parents in so short a span would seem a bit forced. So I guess that leaves Zod.

How interesting that Superman might be investigating the attempted (?) murder of his enemy Zod. And who is the shooter? Someone working for General Lane? Maybe the Project 7734 woman from this month's Action? Or a freelancer?

Anyways, while the theme of split characters and a crumbling S-shield is a good one, Dagnino's art seems a bit awkward and murky.

Written by Greg Rucka; co-feature written by James Robinson & Rucka
Art by Julián López; co-feature art by CAFU
Cover by Fernando Dagnino & Raúl Fernandez

“Codename: Patriot” part 2! Nightwing and Flamebird are hot on the trail of the psycho sleeper agents Nadira and Az-Rel when the heroes run into another deadly duo – Reactron and Metallo! What do these two want and how does it tie in with General Lane’s plans? Meanwhile, Superman and Supergirl arrive on Earth searching for the shooter – but will their actions here cause more harm than good? Continued in SUPERGIRL #44!And in part 2 of the new co-feature, Captain Atom’s memory is falling apart right in the heat of battle – can he keep it together without annihilating an entire town? Luckily a deadly new player is about to take that choice out of his hands – permanently!

I like how Action is living up to it's title. I think mixing Nightwing and Flamebird with the murderous bank robbing Kryptonians Nadira and Ax-Rel would probably lead to another slugfest. But now Rucka is throwing in Reactron and Metallo! Now this should be interesting. I assume that Chris' invulnerability to Kryptonite extends to Gold K but I guess we will see.

But what I really like is that it sounds like Superman and Supergirl arrive on Earth together ... as a team ... to find the mystery shooter. I love seeing the cousins work together.

Written by Sterling Gates
Art by Jamal Igle
Cover by Fernando Dagnino & Raúl Fernandez

“Codename: Patriot” part 3! It’s Supergirl and Mon-El versus Nightwing and Flamebird! Find out what happens when the Girl of Steel has to face off against Flamebird, one of her oldest and dearest friends! At Project 7734, General Lane puts the next part of his plan into action – with the help of the man known as Atlas. Concluded in SUPERMAN #691!

I guess it was only a matter of time before we saw Kara vs. Thara. I wonder what leads up to such a fight? Perhaps Supergirl thinks Flamebird is the shooter? Chris and Thara are acting outside of Kryptonian law. But we also see the 'mystery woman' here. Look at how part of what she is wearing is a version of Kara's uniform (midriff, belt). I am saying it here ... she is some Amazo-like being absorbing parts of the folks with powers she comes in contact with.

And I am glad we are finally going to see Atlas back in the fray. He seemed so determined to conquer when Robinson introduced him. I could never fathom why he was hanging out at a diner.

Written by James Robinson
Art by Javier Pina
Cover by Renato Guedes

Since Superman freed him from the Phantom Zone, Mon-El has spent all his time learning about Earth and its diverse cultures. But how much does he really know about Daxam, the homeworld he fled years ago? A gift from the Legionnaire Tellus allows Mon-El to explore the ancient history of Daxam – from its founding as a Kryptonian colony to its connection to the Mayans of Earth to its bloody civil war. Join Mon-El as he discovers that the planet he always believed to be peaceful and dull is actually anything but.

In the middle of the month we take a quick detour away from 'Codename:Patriot' and get a little background to Mon-El and Daxam. Seem like an odd time to release this, smack dab in the middle of a big crossover, but I suppose Annuals are summertime events.

Written by James Robinson
Art by Renato Guedes & José Wilson Magalhães
Cover by Fernando Dagnino & Raúl Fernandez

It’s a slam-bang, knockdown epic fight in the sewers of Metropolis in this fourth and final chapter of “Codename: Patriot”! What are the stakes, and who are the players? Everything and everyone, Superfans! Except one key player is missing – Superman! He has to stop the shooter from taking yet another course of action that would cause the situation between Earth and New Krypton to grow exponentially worse. Which, of course, is just what General Lane wants...

Wow. A promised 'epic fight' to end this crossover. And Superman speeding to stop another incendiary event!

I know the details are purposefully sparse in the solicit details. But even vague, this sounds pretty good!

Written by James Robinson
Art by Matt Camp
Cover by Pere Pérez

Jimmy Olsen has put all the pieces together regarding the mysterious Project 7734, and it’s worse than he imagined. With The Man of Steel temporarily out of the picture, though, it’s all up to Superman’s Pal to take action. Thankfully he has the help of Mon-El and Steel’s niece Natasha Irons – but will they be enough to defeat Codename: Assassin?

Hmmm ... Codename: Patriot .... Codename:Assasin .... looks like we have a probable shooter.

But Superman 'out of the picture'? That sounds ominous.

That is seven super-books in August. And that doesn't count Justice League:Cry For Justice or any of the Blackest Night books. And I thought the Supergirl Annual was scheduled for August too.
August is going to be busy busy busy.


Beam77 said...

Supergirl Annual is coming out in September. That is what Gates said in the word ballon interview.

Nikki said...

'It was nice to read in a recent DC Nation comic that there was an editorial contingent that Supergirl should headline Adventure Comics. Even I have to admit that I don't think Kara could carry two titles on the market.'

I didn't read that, I'd love to though. I think she can handle two titles as long as 2 titles are relevant to the overall story so it seems unmissable.

Then there is Wednesday Comics, once a week! Its Sueprgirl taming the renegade Streaky and Krypto!

As for the Secret Files, I got a jolt when Mon-el was next to Superman rather than Kon-El.

I have no idea who is on the supergirl cover!

Saranga said...

Holy crap August will br expensive.

God I love Renato Guedes art.

Anj said...

Supergirl Annual is coming out in September. That is what Gates said in the word ballon interview..

Thanks for the post and the info.

September should be a great month too!

Anj said...
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Anj said...

Holy crap August will br expensive..

Thanks for the post.

I know!! And these are just the super-titles. Blackest Night is going on as well!

Anj said...

Then there is Wednesday Comics, once a week! Its Sueprgirl taming the renegade Streaky and Krypto!.

Thanks for the post.

An Amanda Conner drawn story about the super-pets is guaranteed comic gold.

And the rest of the Wednesday Comic lineup is stacked too.

TalOs said...

I truly am looking forward to all of these August goodies heading our way regardless how I'm feeling as of late with how DC are trying to depict Supergirl as being apparently this overall "scared little Kryptonian girl" as 'Origins and Omens' claims which really pissed me off.

Nikki said...

'An Amanda Conner drawn story about the super-pets is guaranteed comic gold. '

Well she did this picture that is total genius and could be something of a preview.


(the picture is from ebay so sorry about the perspective)