Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Grass Roots Support for Supergirl #34

The cover of Sleeper #1, the masterful super-hero noir by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips seems a strange sight on a Supergirl blog. But Supergirl #34 is coming out tomorrow and I am asking people to talk it up if it lives up to expectations, if it is as great as Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle promise it will be.

DC is doing there part with a lot of buzz including a nice interview from Gates and Igle discussing all the things we have heard about this issue (http://www.newsarama.com/comics/090830-Supergirl34.html) as well as preview pages of the issue on Newsarama later today! Hooray to DC for plugging the book so much!

I put Sleeper up today to remind everyone that fans talking about the book and plugging it is as valid as a media push.

I almost didn't get Sleeper. I almost missed out on one of my absolute favorite titles from the last 5 years. The only reason I bought it was because I was lucky enough to be in my comic book store and overheard a couple of guys talking about how great it was. I knew and enjoyed Phillips from his Hellblazer run, but I had never really heard of Ed Brubaker before.

Anyways, these guys talked so highly of the series that I went out and bought the issues and then Sleeper: Season Two. If I hadn't heard them, I may not have. And then I would not have learned that Brubaker is so phenomenal and might not have bought his stellar runs of Captain America and Daredevil (2 characters I have never purchased regularly before). It led to Iron Fist and Criminal and other books of his.

Word of mouth is powerful.

In much the same way, I almost missed Matt Fraction's trippy and innovative Casanova. I was in my comic store when a store worker who I had befriended in that customer/cashier sort of way strongly recommended I buy the issue. He was so enamored of the book that he said if I read it and didn't like it, I could return it. That's how sure he was about the greatness of the book. And he was right.

This also tipped me off to Matt Fraction, which led me to Iron Fist and now Iron Man, 2 characters I also never read before.

As for me, I did my part talking up Atomic Robo (wittily written by Brian Clevinger and distinctly drawn by Soctt Wegener) at my store and spreading the word about how great and fun that series is. It is well worth reading!

Anyways ... word of mouth is powerful.

So if we Kara fans read Supergirl #34 and think that it is great (something I think is going to be true based on everything I have read about it and what Gates and Igle have leaked), we should talk it up. Whether it be grass roots in a brick and mortar comic store, or on the web ... spread the word!

It is a good time to be a Supergirl fan!

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TalOs said...

Man d'em sure be some truly out of frickin' sight and mind depicted eye candy pieces on offer!

Oh and on a side note, ya can count me as yet another who's just about to burst from having to wait for this weeks Supergirl #34 to come out! Especially now after having read both Mr. Gates and Igle's comments towards not only the issue in question which kicks off their run but what will be lying ahead shortly after as well as that official sneak peek at 34 itself in turn to boot! W00T!

I tell ya, my towns local comic store had better have this is tomorrow (Thurs) or Fri the latest or there's gonna be REAL trouble!

Speaking of this issue itself, anyone know exactly which cover they're gonna get in particular? I'm personally hoping to get both or if I can't for some reason or another it's gonna be a toss up between the standard or Alex Ross depicted one instead. Heh. :P