Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Expensive Wednesday!

Heading to your local comic book store today and want to get the latest in Supergirl stuff? Better hit the ATM before you go! There are a few items arriving today.

1) Action Comics #868 - there is a great preview at Newsarama ( ) as the Cat Grant/Supergirl feud begins to heat up a bit. It is such a great and humorous scene. I will review later this week.

2) Supergirl: Beyond Good and Evil trade - collecting the first 5 issues of Puckett's run including the reboot of Zor-El, the battle with Reactron, and the beginning of the 'Saving Thomas' storyine. The cover is from the Adam Kubert variant cover of Supergirl #23. It also includes the Supergirl story from Action Comics #850.

This was the first time I felt the Johns' feel with Kara. Watching from the future (this was the Legion Kara), she makes sure to let Superman know he is not alone and has family. This was a very likeable Kara, drawn by Renato Guedes. Well worth a read.

3) Justice Series 8 action figure: Supergirl - the first hot pants and holter top action figure, based on Alex Ross' art on Justice. Add in the puffy sleeves and the choker and this is just bubbling over with Silver Age goodness. It is a worthy addition to the shrine.

4) Tiny Titans #7 - "Supergirl stops by to save the day!" This is sort of like an after dinner mint after all of the heaviness going on in the DCU. I am sure I will have a couple of scans in the near future.

All told, if you buy it all ... $38.18. Not that bad for all those goodies.

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