Thursday, May 15, 2008

Review: Supergirl 29

Another decent issue in the 'Cure cancer' storyline. As I said in an earlier post, I think Kelly has done an admirable job of restoring a heroic aspect to Kara while keeping intact the impetuousness and fire of a super-powered teenager.

In her attempt to find a quick cure for Thomas, the ailing young boy with 'grade 4 brain cancer', Kara has enlisted the help of reluctant super-hero Resurrection Man and D-list baddie Dr. Luzano a nanite (here tektite) expert who helped create Resurrection Man. Of course, to get Luzano's help she had to break him out of jail and stay hidden from cousin Superman. After all, a jail break is a violation of the law, even if it is for a good cause.

R-Man continues to warn Kara that Luzano is no good, but Kara does have that stubborn streak in her as well as wearing some rose-colored glasses. She wonders if Luzano has ever been asked to do anything good before.

Of course, it *is* all a trap for Luzano who completely ignores the 'save Thomas' mission and instead pumps himself full of a tektite formula becoming a something akin to the Borg meets 'Guy Gardner Warrior'. Kara is completely perpelexed why Luzano didn't first find the cure for Thomas and then do his evil work.

Frankly, her being perplexed makes sense. Kara comes from an advanced world, has been living here for just over a year, and is also a teenage girl. It makes sense that she is stubborn, doesn't think things through, makes mistakes, and occasionally gets burned when she thinks the best in people. Sounds like being a teenager doesn't it? Maybe this is the arc where Kara grows up a little. Maybe this is her first experience with death and feeling helpless and that will change her.

Anyways, Luzano does a nice monologuing job listing off all his new powers including 'hyper-sensual' perception leading to this amusing panel.

He screams "you know what I mean" which I assume means super-hearing, super-vision, etc and not something from late night Cinemax.

A super-powered scrum ensues. Resurrection Man gets killed, comes back with a healing power, and then suffers a near fatal blow again from Luzano. (Amazing luck there that the 'random power' he evidences is a healing one. But if I can tolerate a tektite formula I suppose I have to tolerate luck as well.) Kara handily defeats Luzano. As R-Man lays dying, Kara realizes she needs to bring him to Tommy now. If R-Man dies, his healing power dies with him.

Alas, as she is about to fly him off, Superman arrives telling Kara it is too late ... Thomas has died. To be continued ....

I am very interested in seeing how this arc ends as I think it is the best one of the title so far.

That said, I do have some minor complaints about the issue.

1) The art is again split between Drew Johnson and Ron Randall. Both guys are fine (I prefer Johnson) but it gives the issue and overall disjointed feel. With Drew off in the near future, maybe Randall will do all the pages.

2) Pages 2-3 are a huge splash page featuring R-Man and some prior love in some medieval looking period of time. Another splash page is devoted to Superman looking for Kara. The title is Supergirl ... if there are going to be splash pages they should be of her.

3) While it fits this story in particular, the number of guest stars in this title is staggering. What I wouldn't give for a supporting cast and a rogue's gallery!

Looking forward to number 30.

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BIG MIKE said...

Good post. I agree with you whole heartedly that the book could stand a little more in the way of supporting cast... but hopefully that can be down without it fitting some 'crisis' mold or overlapping with the mess McKeever is weaving over in teen titans.