Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ame-Comi Supergirl statue

Here is the Ame-Comi Supergirl vinyl statue released last month from DCDirect.

It is rare for there to be a piece of Supergirl memorabilia that I don't want to buy. I have a nice little collection of Supergirl action figures, statues, and toys in my corner of the basement.

Some are great; this Action #252 cover statue comes to mind.

Some aren't so great; this is a pretty lousy action figure.

Well, when DC announced the Ame-Comi line of statues which included Supergirl, I was pumped. After all, I am an Anime fan too.

Then the pictures of the statue were released.

I understand that these statues are Anime based. That they are not supposed to be direct interpretations of the current characters ... but a re-imagining of them.

But this Kara just seems too far off the mark. That is one teeny-tiny skirt. Too small. More like a hankie. Those opera length gloves. Unheard of. Thigh-high high heel boots?
Hey, I don't mind a sexy Supergirl, but this looks more like a stripper than Kara. I mean take another look.

And it is not as if I am against the line as a whole. I actually think the Wonder Woman and Batgirl ones are clever re-thinkings, a little Final Fantasy and a little Battle of the Planets respectively.

Anyways, despite being a completist, I am not going to buy this statue. Instead, I look forward to the Justice:Supergirl figure in the 70s uniform. And I continue to search for an affordable full-size Bruckner Supergirl statue ... affordable being the key word.

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