Wednesday, May 14, 2008

David Finch Supergirl commission

I became enamored of David Finch's art on the early New Avengers issue. In particular, his women (especially Spiderwoman) were a great combination of beauty and power.
In mid-2007, he was the guest at The Comic Book Show in Nashua NH. This is a great little convention and usually has at least one 'big name'. In the past I have met Bernie Wrightson, Joe Jusko, Mark Teixera, and Adam Hughes there, just to name a few.
Finch was doing 'head shots' as you waited. No commission list to get on, just a long line to wait in hoping you made it to him before the end of the show. This was also early in my commission quest when I didn't know enough to bring my own paper. As a result this sketch was put on the back of a comic backing board, done in pencil.
3 hours waiting in line and here is the result.
Finch was very nice and amiable. I asked him if he could add the S-shield so folks knew this was Supergirl and not a random blonde haired girl and he said no problem. Surprisingly, the S-shield seemed to be the hardest part of this. He seemed to struggle with it resulting in this somewhat innovative interpretation.
This ranks as one of the sexier commissions I own.
Here is the link for the convention:


Heath Edwards said...

well done!! you've got a great image there. david finch is one of my favourite artists, since he debuted a very early series, 'ascension'. his style took an amazing turn when he joined marvel for 'avengers disassembled', and he just keeps getting better, in my opinion.

oh, and welcome back to your blog. i found it a few months ago, while you were on hiatus, and thought i'd hold out to see if you return. i'm also a big supergirl fan, although i haven't ventured further into the past than trying to get into the previous series, and failing... on my own blog, last year, i reviewed the first tpb. circumstances have since intervened, and i haven't gotten back into it, but i look forward to your thoughts.

Anj said...

Thanks so much for the comment! My first confirmed visitor!

I'll continue to post on all things Kara, not just her current title. So expect posts about other appearences in DC titles, back issues I have recently re-read, and other stuff.

Anonymous said...

That's a great head shot. I wish he would do a full body pinup and see what he comes out with.

Anj said...

That's a great head shot. I wish he would do a full body pinup and see what he comes out with.

Thanks so much. I like this commission a lot.

The line for Finch at conventions is usually a mile long. He does 3/4 body shots for $200 and full body for $500. He often uses ball point pen!

I agree though, a full body shot would probably be spectacular.