Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Crisis On Infinite Earths Part 1 Trailers

DC Entertainment is planning to release an animated version of Crisis on Infinite Earths in 2024. The whole story will be told over a trio of movies. But the teaser trailer and the official trailer for part one have dropped and it looks pretty good. 

Head here to watch the teaser This one has the most Supergirl content.

There is a lot of classic Crisis iconography. We see the anti-matter wave erasing worlds. We see the Anti-Monitor Shadow Demons. We see the Monitor pulling together the heroes to fight the threat. We even see the Earth-3 villains involved. Their world was the first we saw die in the book. 

The trailer looks pretty good.

Now as many know, I have come to appreciate the Supergirl legacy with Crisis. While I don't agree she was irrelevant and ready to be offed, there is no denying how great the story is and how much her legend grew because of COIE #7.

So will Supergirl face the same fate in the movie?

She actually gets some decent screen time in such a packed trailer. First we see the Monitor say he needs her and her facing the screen (above). 

And then there is a cool action shot of her skimming the surface of the sun!

I like the way Supergirl is drawn in this latest round of DCAU movies. I liked how her character grew in the Legion of Super-Heroes movie. I hope she survives this Crisis. But we'll see!

Catch out the official trailer here:

This one shows much more of the set-up including the presumed destruction of Earth-3. There isn't as much a spotlight on Kara in this one. I think this is Supergirl given she is talking to the Brainiac 5 from the Legion movie. (The costume is a little dark for Supergirl so this could be Black Canary.)

I completely don't like the look of Harbinger here though. This seems like a needless redesign. 

Still, I'll be gearing up to buy this as soon as it is available.


PT Dilloway said...

It seems like they just rebooted their animated universe two years ago after Apokolips War so I'm not sure why they're already doing another reboot. But maybe it'll be good.

Anonymous said...

I'm not gonna beat a dead horse and I am not gonna anticipate something that has all the earmarks of a sh*t show, I wish DC the Joy of COIE the Animated Feature.
I think 2023 has shaped up to be "Supergirl's Lost Year", a lot of nice things on the periphery of someone else's storyline, any time the spotlight fell on her she was luggage, a super zombie, an enabler or mopey & overshadowed by her in house plagiarist PowerGirl.
And 2024 promises no better (anyone else wanna take action on how qucikly and in what humiliating fashion she'll be killed off in DC vs. Vampires vol 2?)
Okay enough flailing at DCeased Equines...