Monday, January 11, 2021

Sterling Gates/Sarah Leuver Supergirl Show Comic

Happy New Year!

I know we are more than a week into 2021 but this little gift from Sterling Gates and @comickergirl Sarah Leuver gave fans of Supergirl and the Supergirl show a true gift, a 6 page mini-comic. Gates explained he did it as a gift to the producers of the show. But for Kara fans and show fans, it is the best present.

I'll present the pages as is with a little commentary at the bottom. 

"Remember Me" covers so many of the best things of not only the show but Gates' run on the title lo so many years ago.

This quick tour of Kara's life by looking at a week is just a delightful mix showing how complicated she is. Free spirit, singing Katy Perry. Fierce warrior fighting supervillains. (Love the Facet namedrop, the antagonist in Gates' Adventures of Supergirl comic.) Survivor of loss, remembering her parents and wondering if she upholds her original culture. And role model, espousing and truly living the motto of 'Hope, help, and compassion for all.'

This is her life.

And frankly, its the life I want to read. 

 Add to that Leuwer's great art, fun and breezy, expressive and soulful. She really captures Kara (and Melissa Benoist's) emotions.

I won't complain about other takes on the character. I'll just say that DC should take note of this as a template for whatever they have planned next for Supergirl. Heck, get this team on the book. 

Thanks again to the creators. Amazing stuff!


John (somewhere in England) said...

What else can I say? This mini-issue was just brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Really nice!

Martin Gray said...

This is gorgeous. What a gift we had in Sterling. And I do like Sarah Leuver’s art, where has she been hiding?

SG Fan said...

And that six page comic is better than just about all the Supergirl comics I looked at in the past year. So captures the spirt of Kara, the show, and amazing art. I love this style and so works for Supergirl. Thanks for sharing this Anj!

Anj said...

I'd love for Sterling to be given Supergirl again.

So I am very thankful for this comic!

Anonymous said...

Hello from a french fan of supergirl,

A new mini-serie wich is better than the source material.

I have the bad feeling that the tv series is going to kill its heroine supergirl ... i hope i am wrong.