Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Crisis On Infinite Earths Statue

Sometimes I feel lucky!

The statue commemorating Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 has been a sort of bucket list item for me. When this was issued in 1999,  I wasn't collecting things like this and the $125 price tag would have been extremely hefty for my resident salary. Still, there is no doubt this is a lovely statue by Tim Bruckner, capturing the famous George Perez cover.

But since I am a little older and have a Supergirl shrine, I have had my eye out for this in the wild.

I rarely see it at cons. And when I do, it usually is selling for more than twice the original price. So I usually defer buying. And then, as I leave the con with spending money in my pocket, I regret not splurging.

So imagine my surprise when I walked into my comic store and saw this statue, mint in box, with a price sticker for just the original $125!

And then imagine my even bigger shock when I saw a 'on sale 50% off' post it on the box.

That's right, this statue was on sale for $62.50. 

So naturally, it became mine!

It is really gorgeous as Bruckner captures the iconic moment.

There is a very good anguished look to Superman's face.

And Supergirl's battered body, with her costume in tatters, is very well rendered.

And I always have to check out the back of the statue to make sure the designer didn't skimp.

Love the folds in the cape and  the yellow S-shield, standard look for the Bronze Age.

Just lovely.

This is a great piece and immediately went to the top shelf of the shrine. 

With this statue, I have a very nice little mini-section of Supergirl merchandise in her Crisis headband style costume.

This is such an iconic comic moment. It has to be front and center.

Here is the top shelf as I exists now. There is a nice mix of Silver Age, Hot Pants, and Headband costume merchandise. Although, the back of this shelf is dominated by items too big to put anywhere else.

At some point I may need to reorganize the Shrine. 

I am just thrilled to have obtained this statue, a mini-Grail piece finally mine!


Anonymous said...

That's dramatically very well centered. And an excellent find at any price, let alone that discount.

I've only been inside a comic shop once since the spring - I just do a weekly curbside pickup. But that does eliminate the pleasure of browsing around and stumbling on the unexpected.


Anonymous said...

50% off tells me that shop may be in financial difficulties, my LCS has had two major sales in the last three months...my point is, keep patronizing these places quarantine is not their friend.


Bostondreams said...

Bid on this on E-bay the other day, lost out though :( Awesome piece would go great with the cover on my wall!

Professor Feetlebaum said...

Amazing! I can't remember ever seeing that figure in person, either in a comic shop or at a con.

They turn up on Ebay from time to time. There are currently 4 up for sale, all over $300.00. I could not find any actual sales, however.

Along with that Action Comics #252 statue, you now have the beginning and the end of the original Supergirl in statue form.

Anj said...

Great point Professor!

I need to tidy up the whole shrine. Maybe having those two on the same shelf is the right idea.

Anonymous said...

I've always been torn on the death of Supergirl. It was a cool moment for her character highlighting her strength and conviction, but the politics behind the decision tarnish it.