Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year Mike Maihack Style

Happy New Year!

Before the glow of the holidays completely fades away, I thought I would share (albeit late) Mike Maiahack's Supergirl/Batgirl Christmas comic. These strips have become something of a tradition around here. And with each one, I always hope that somehow DC will hire Maihack for something and allow him to publish an all ages book.

Usually these comics have an overly powered and overly cheery acting as the comic foil to the comic 'straight man' of Batgirl. But this time the table are turned a bit.

This time Batgirl won't be caught by surprise and instead hopes to prance away to a sunny vacation. I love that third panel Batgirl stripping into a bat-one-piece bathing suit and vaulting onto the beach. It is a rare moment of levity for the usually dour Babs.

And I love ...and I mean love ... the bathing cap/cowl with the little ears.

Unfortunately the beach has been turned into a 'Winter Wonderland' by the Mad Hatter. Even Kara (dressed in her holiday striped tights) is trapped.

For once, Babs gets to save the day. I love how cheery it makes her to finally get to be the action hero in her own strip.

And the last panel with Kara warming up with cocoa is priceless.

As usual, Maihack hits all the right tones in this little comic. I suggest you head out and look for all his prior World's Finest strips.

And please visit his sites and check out his Cleopatra in Space comic! Here are some links!

Happy 2018 everyone!


Anonymous said...

Poor Barbara. She really deserved her break.

I love Supergirl's flabbergasted look. I figure the next panel would have Barbara kissing her forehead and saying "Nothing, dummy. Enjoy your cocoa."

Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

And she does it virtually unmasked as well....the bat-bathingcap is a sweet reminder of silver age camp indeed.
HNY to all


Anonymous said...

I wish I could get even more Maihack Batgirl/Supergirl comics. His interpretation of them always makes me smile. I would really like to buy a comic with the ones he already released too.

Side note: Daily Beast had a nice Supergirl article yesterday. Even though I enjoy MoS myself he makes many good points. I recommend the read:

KET said...

Yup, Mike Maihack does it againh. 'Bout time Barbara got a holiday break.

Concur also on the Daily Beast SG article, which was a pleasant surprise. Some meta-context towards the end...but very comprehensive in scope overall. I did find it interesting that the writer was able to tie in Kara's internal desire for modern social justice to the Golden Age Superman's ethical stances.


Martin Gray said...

Sweet as ever, but is there some humour I’m missing in the last panel that I’m just not getting? Does MM’s Supergirl have some kind of thing for tea that I’ve missed/forgotten?

Anonymous said...

No, his version of Supergirl just wants everyone to get along and be happy, and Babs absolutely ruined the Hatter’s nice little tea party.

Anj said...

And per Maihack's twitter:

Rejected final lines for this comic included:
"What do you have against candy canes?!"
"Did I miss Christmas?!"
"You punched an old man? What's the hatter with you?!"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Anj.. and GLAD! there's another Mike M. post of Batgirl and Supergirl. Tickled pink reading
it, and how Babs for once got the last laugh, though exactly HOW Mad Hatter jobbed out Supergirl I'll leave alone.
Mike brings his usual stuff to it, and I love it!

...and yes, DC. PLEASE let Mike do a book about these two! Shut up and take my money, please!

> Side note: Daily Beast had a nice Supergirl article yesterday. Even though I enjoy MoS myself he makes many
> good points. I recommend the read:

Thanks for sharing this. Great read. Indeed, just stepping back, whether it's Superman or Supergirl, the S stands
for all that and more... and I like it when they're presented that way. And speaking of Justice League, I'm going
away happy I was FINALLY given that Superman the article was talking about.

Happy 2018 to everyone!


Martin Gray said...

Thanks for the explanations, chums! Endings are hard, humour is subjective... but charm is undeniable.