Thursday, January 11, 2018

Artgerm Variant Supergirl #18 - Daring New Adventures #1 Homage

It is a little old but the Artgerm variant for Supergirl #18 was revealed last week. And it is a retro look at the Girl of Steel, right back to her holter top, choker, and hot pants costume. And it is a 'second later' cover, building off of the Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #1 iconic cover.

There is almost too much to love. From the Supergirl title font to the painted appearance of the Chicago skyscape, even the 'weathered' appearance making it look like an old comic ... the details are fantastic.

And then there is Kara herself. Look, Artgerm is a good girl artist. So there is cheesecake here. But Kara looks so beautiful and happy here. She seems confident, with her clenched fists and arms cocked ready for action. Plus, those cascading locks! It is all gorgeous.

Now listen, this isn't the current Kara. This isn't the 16 year old in high school This is the DNAOS Supergirl, a woman in her mid 20s. She looks like that.

And as many know, I have been appreciating this costume more and more lately.

I mean look at this cover. Can't you picture this Supergirl swooping around and posing like the one in the Artgerm cover?

I absolutely love this!

And I love that it focuses on some Supergirl comic history. The DNAOS #1 cover is one of Supergirl's most iconic. So why not lean into that.


Anonymous said...

I love, love LOVE this cover. Great homage.

I also love this costume. My only gripe is the cape attached to the choker. I know at the beginning it was attached to the choker but I prefer the version where it's attached to the shoulders.

Looking to this cover makes me feel nostalgic. I SO miss this Supergirl... Born fifteen years after the death of Krypton, rocketed from a dying Argo City, growing up in Midvale, raised by Fred and Edna Danvers, member of the Legion and Brainy's love live, photographer, student councilor, actress, psychology student... and the world's mightiest female hero by far. She was such a great character and had such a great development throughout the decades.

"And I love that it focuses on some Supergirl comic history. The DNAOS #1 cover is one of Supergirl's most iconic. So why not lean into that."


I've heard Artgem is doing the "white t-shirt/black shorts" costume next.

Martin Gray said...

Count me in as a massive fan of this outfit, to me it’s Supergirl’s best look - she should have died in it, so that the iconic Perez Crisis cover would be all the better.

I would love to see Artgerm try the post-Zond costume, I doubt anyone could make that good girl-sexy! Cool Scully sexy, maybe... And that would mean we get Kara’s best logo too!

The white T-shirt costume is great but the character looks nothing like comics Kara. I could, though, imagine as as Power Girl’s ‘starter costume’ on Earth 2.

Anonymous said...

While this outfit is one of my least favorite Supergirl outfit through the ages (with the exception of hairband supergirl and punk barbed Supergirl angry at Luthor), there is no questioning the quality of Artgerms work.

This outfit still fascinates me though as something so distinct for its time. I am really happy he made it.

I think the best supergirl outfit is something similar to what she is currently rocking. Artgerms cover when she is holding Streaky is just about as good as it gets. Strong happy colors, classic nonstylized "S", soft fabric (instead of all the live action verses dark leather), fairly modest, but unrestricting skirt.

I have a special place in my heart for the original blue silver-age dress as well, which might just as well hold the top spot for me.

I have to say though, anything Artgerm makes is pure gold, and I can't wait for his interpretation of the black and white outfit.

Anonymous said...

A great and very life affirming miniseries could be forged out of a bid to resolve all Supergirl's dangling plot threads from the late 1970' inventive writer (HELLO MARK WAID...Sterling Gates DESTINY IS CALLING) could have a very good time with such a script. "Wanda Five, Nasthalthia Luthor, the On-Off Superpowers, from Acting School to Florida and Beyond! And this costume, still my fave, should be all over it...btw "Back in the Day" no heels, she always sported flats being depicted in the comics as a "Tall Girl" she didn't need the footgear to stare'em down.
Gorgeous Cover BTW a "Screensaver fer Sherr"

H said...

The high point of Supergirl's career, as far as I'm concerned.

Anonymous said...

I too am a big fan of this outfit. The way Artgerm drew Kara is sexy yet sweet. That smile so warm and her flying above the skyline..and that blonde hair (oh baby!). It's a great dedication to a series, The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl, that began over 35 years ago but the outfit, at least with the boots goes back to the Superman Family series in the mid to late 1970's. Even that Supergirl logo is comic accurate though it wasn't my favorite one.

But just what is inside that issue?

Professor Feetlebaum said...

Actually, Kara was nineteen when Daring New Adventures debuted, having been de-aged by editorial decision, probably to justify the "girl" in Supergirl. As the uncredited writer (E. Nelson Bridwell?) wrote on the text page of issue 1 : "...she is, for our purposes, a 19 year old college student." I seem to remember this causing some slight controversy at the time.

Anyway, it's a great cover and it's good that DC is acknowledging and celebrating Supergirl's history. I wonder if we'll see Artgerm's take on Action Comics 252?

Anonymous said...

Action Comics 252 would be a nice pick.

Uncle Screensaver said...

I think it's fantastic but it's a shame that the belt and boots are wrong. The belt should have the discs which were also clocks and not just for fashion sense, and she never wore high heels with that outfit. Still, it's fantastic to see the pre-Crisis and best version of Kara shine on a cover.

Martin Gray said...

I have a soft spot for the black spots (is that what you mean by ‘discs’? I didn’t know they were clocks, my memory is shot!) and wee booties but the image is a direct homage to DNAoS #1, which has belt and boots like the Artgerm pic, so it’s not wrong.

Uncle Screensaver said...

You can see the discs/ circles on the belt on the first cover. Their abilities outside of fashion were revealed in the Krypton Chronicles mini-series. When Kara puts three fingers on them, one on each disc, she receives the time, on her right side Rokyn's current time and on the left New York's.

Martin Gray said...

Oh, that is so bonkers! I don’t recall this at all - if Anj has the issues, maybe he’ll have a chance to cover this sometime!

Martin Gray said...

By the way, Uncle, I was thinking of the black spots on the shorts! Apols if I was unclear.