Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Who is Clark Kent?

So last week DC posted this house ad claiming these are the 'prime suspects' for who the doppelganger of Clark actually is.

Now the main suspect these days seems to be Superboy Prime ... and he doesn't appear here. I suppose they said 'prime suspects' and not only suspects.

But given this list, I wonder who is most likely to turn out to be Clark.

And I wonder who you think he is. It's been a while since I put a poll up on the site. But thought I'd get a pulse check on who the leading suspect is. And since this list could be a feint, I included a Someone Else choice (although I'll ask that you leave a comment with who).

On to my thoughts about these candidates.

I am going to immediately eliminate Bizarro and the Martian Manhunter. Neither fits the bill. Plus Bizarro is in the Red Hood book. And this Clark was scanned as someone completely human.

I think I like Magog even less than Superboy Prime. He certainly would have the power to warrant the giant cell. And he might have some reverse psychology thinking that Superman would save him. I don't know why he would be a candidate. I don't know why he would pretend to be powerless or why he would want to live as Clark.

The Eradicator only loves Krypton. I can't imagine him trying to walk the path of Clark. Plus, not human.

The New 52 Superman is an interesting guess. He died and turned to sand. Could that have been a trick, like shedding a false skin. Or maybe some chrysalis state to only reappear, resurrected? Could the #Rebirth of the New 52 Superman have left him powerless? It would be intriguing.

But of all these, my money is on Mxyzptlk. For one, my guess for Oz is Vyndktvyx. So Vyndktvyx might hate Mxy and imprison him. Mxy could use his powers to do all those Superman carvings in the prison. He could disappear like Clark did after eating the fast food burgers. He could make a car drive itself. And he might have gone crazy in that cell, so convinced Superman would save him that he somehow thought he was Clark. Magically he could change himself into a human.

Of course, I still think it is Superboy Prime. But Mxy is a decent guess.

So that's my guess.

What's yours??


Anonymous said...

My vote is: Other. Superboy-Prime. It -sadly- fits: he's a human Clark Kent, he's immature and bratty, he's obsessed with how things should be, and he accuses other heroes from ruining his life.

(Off-topic: Poor Superboy-Prime. Reading comics or fanfics written before Infinite Crisis featuring him is hard because they remind you that he was NOT a whiny mass-murderer before IC)

Out of that list, I think Mxyzptlk is the one more sense makes. It'd explain the reality warping. Although why would he accuse Superman from ruining his life?

New 52 Superman is not a bad choice, but why he would accuse the older Superman from ruining his life? He asked him to protect Earth before dying. And why would he write those messages on his cell's wall?

(Maybe there's something we are not factoring in: In the latest Superman issue, Mr. Oz is shocked when he finds out someone broke out of his cell... but he was watching the whole battle against Doomsday. He already knows "Clark" is around! So why would he be surprised to see he's run away? Maybe "Clark" and his escapee are not the same person/being!)

Bizarro and J'onn... Yes, no. Red herrings.

Magog and the Eradicator... I don't see it at all.

To sum up, my picks are Superboy Prime. And from that list, I think Mxyzptlk and Post-Flashpoint Superman are the likeliest candidates.

arw1985 said...

It could be Mxy, but I'm not sure. I'm guessing it could be Superboy-Prime but even then, there's really not a lot of evidence. Jurgens has done his best to keep this under wraps. He really could be anybody. That being said, where is J'onn Jonzz these days anyway?

Anonymous said...

Well. That was quick.

Why the Hell would they spoil the "Clark" mystery right before the issue comes out?

Anonymous said...

I think it is Mxy too because I think you're right re: Vyndktvyx.