Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Supergirl Ep 217: Distant Sun

Supergirl Season two, episode 17, titled 'Distant Sun', aired this week and was a very entertaining episode which really pushed the overall season plot forward. It's hard to believe, but there are only 5 more episodes to the season and there is a fair amount of plotlines that need to be wrapped up. There really hasn't been one big bad this season (unlike Non last year). And surprisingly, we added a new villain this episode in a most dramatic way.

Not that this whole episode is only about pushing forward the major plots. We get a nice look at the romantic relationships which are so important to the backbone of this show. So we see just how committed Mon-El and Kara are these days.

We also get an important Maggie and Alex subplot in which Alex has to confront Maggie for hiding an important truth from her. I can't help but wonder if this plot was added as a reaction to all the Kara/Mon-El hate I have seen on the internet. In some ways, Maggie has been lying just like Mon-El had. Or maybe it was just to show how forgiving and nurturing the Danvers girls are.

Lastly, I can't help but comment that Kevin Smith directed this episode and kept it snappy. There are some dialogue flourishes which have to be things he added. But overall, things moved briskly and perfectly here.

Overall, not a bad episode leading us into the back end of the season.

The episode opens with a little bit of romantic bliss between Kara and Mon-El. She runs out of the bedroom, drawn by the scent of breakfast. There is something just so lovely and adorable about how excited Kara gets over bacon and home fries. As usual, Melissa Benoist just kills it here, perfectly expressive.

And while it might not be out of the question in modern times for men to be in aprons cooking breakfast, this has to be a break from Daxamite tradition, a slight nod to how much Mon-El has grown over time.

But duty calls. The news says an alien is trashing the city and Kara rushes to the rescue. In a blink, she changes into her costume. She is so happy and self-satisfied as she strikes the iconic hand on hips pose that is wonderful.

Since Mon-El cannot change into his costume quickly, he remains behind to do the laundry. Again, this can't be what the prince of Daxam was used to doing.

The alien has a laser vision eye patch and is carving up the town, drawing Supergirl out. While the laser effects are fine, this felt a bit like an Ultraman villain. After some fisticuffs and laser duels, Kara ends it by clapping her hand over the eye, overloading it and the alien. She even ends it with a Spidey-esque quip 'Supervillain clean-up on aisle 3.' If there is one thing we have seen this season is that Supergirl is much more confident about herself and her skills. This is different from the Kara that was so obviously learning.

The DEO discovers a communication device on the alien which has a message stating that a bounty has been placed on Supergirl's head. Every bounty hunter in the galaxy might be descending onto Earth.

In another wrinkle, we see President Marsdin talking to Hank. We haven't seen her since very early in the season. Here she tells J'onn that the DEO cannot engage with the Daxamite ship any further. She doesn't want there to be an interplanetary confrontation.

The DEO staff tells Supergirl to lay low for 24 hours while they investigate the bounty. Again we see Kara's confidence. "I'm the Girl of Steel! I don't bend! I don't break! I don't stand down for anyone!" While it is great to see Supergirl embracing her role as hero, this is veering a bit too close to hubris. I wonder if this will play out later. Begrudgingly, Kara agrees to run silent for 24 hours.

Mon-El goes off to do some investigation on his own. He invites his parents to the alien bar to confront them. He asks if they put the bounty out on Kara. His father absolutely denies it. The Daxamites haven't left because they keep hoping Mon will change his mind. Lar Gand again says that it has only been the Queen's strength that has kept the world together.

I wonder if Daxam is a matriarchy. Kevin Sorbo has never been called King Lar Gand. But she is always Queen Rhea.

But the real feel of this scene is just how pretentious his mother is. He can't believe she is even in this dive bar. She is shocked that he is a 'servant' (he calls himself a mixologist). We truly see just how far Mon-El has grown. If he was brought up thinking he was above everyone, it means he has grown a lot on Earth.

Back at Kara's apartment, she is champing at the bit to get into action. Even a game night with James and Winn isn't distracting her. Mon-El arrives and thankfully says he met his parents to see if they put the bounty on her head. I am thrilled he didn't lie or omit the truth.

But the next bounty hunter arrives, a psionic who takes control of Mon-El and uses him as a puppet to fight Supergirl. It is cute to see the two apologizing to each other as they fight

Winn knows a bounty hunter is close because of some tech he created. And they can see Mon is being controlled. So James dons the Guardian outfit and .... goes to help Kara fight Mon-El??? That makes no sense! He has no business in that fight. And he could stop the bounty hunter from controlling Mon. Once again we get to see Guardian thrown through glass. Maybe this should be a drinking game.

Thankfully Winn keeps his head and tricks the telepath into dropping his control. Winn sticks a red Streamline stapler (is that the missing one from Office Space??) in the telepath's back pretending it's a gun and saying the line 'the sidewalk will get a new paint job', a wonderfully over the top line.

Somehow the telepath is brought to the DEO and tossed in a cell. (Why didn't he just take control of Winn?) There, in a nice telepathic battle, J'onn digs the truth out. (The evil psionic is so cocky mocking J'onn with a 'come at me bro' before the fight! Delightful!) We now know that Queen Rhea put out the bounty.

With the Presidential edict to not 'engage' intact. Kara comes up with the idea to simply talk to Rhea. Maybe they can convince her that if she wants Mon-El to be happy she should let him stay. It shows that optimism we all love in Supergirl. She sees the best in people.

She invites Rhea to the Fortress, an environment more befitting of a Queen. (Certainly, it is better than a dive bar.) We also get a long shot of the Legion ring. Has to be foreshadowing.

Kara pleads her case to Rhea. Mon-El is happy. Supergirl says that both home planets have been devastated. They all need to fight for peace. Mon-El and Kara have come together, a way to heal the contentious Daxam/Krypton feud.

It all sounds good ....

In a deliciously evil turn of events, Rhea wants no part of it. She pulls out Kryptonite sais. Daxam is 'littered with the corpse' of Krypton.

And Rhea is vicious. Without pause, she goes right for the femoral artery. You want someone to bleed out quick? Go there! Brutal!!!

Finally, Mon-El can't bear to watch. He says he will go back to Daxam. He asks her to drop the bounty and they can try to salvage a relationship. But no tricks, to save Kara he'll go.

And back on the ship, we see that Lar Gand didn't know about the bounty. He was in the dark about it.

It is now abundantly clear. Rhea is a big bad!

Now in the intro I talked about the Maggie/Alex subplot.

Early in the episode, the two exit a yoga studio (a Yoga Hosers Kevin Smith reference). On the street, they run into Emily, Maggie's ex from years ago. It is awkward but the three decide to have dinner to catch up.

Emily doesn't show and Maggie reveals that relationship was 5 years long but the breakup was ugly. Emily said hateful things to Maggie and Maggie has been nursing those wounds since then. Later Alex runs into Emily (a bit stalker-y) to see why Emily didn't show. Emily reveals that the breakup happened because Maggie cheated on her! Emily didn't want to dredge up those memories.

Finally, Alex confronts Maggie ... with scotch in hand, as usual! Maggie lied to Alex about how her parents reacted to her coming out. Maggie lied to her about this old relationship. Maggie (like Mon-El) hasn't been up front. But rather than get angry, Alex says she understands why Maggie keeps people at arm's length. But this relationship is different.

It mirrors the Mon/Kara stuff a bit too closely to be coincidence. If people want to complain about Karamel and the lying there, they better complain about Sanvers too. I'm not saying the nature of the lies are exactly in line. But I have to feel this was a reaction.

Meanwhile, on the ship, Mon-El pleas with his father to rebuild Daxam as a democracy. Everyone deserves a voice. It is time to modernize and liberate Daxam.

Again, Rhea (almost looking like the evil queen in Snow White) shows she wants no part of it. She slaps Mon-El and says he'll spend the 4 year trip back to the Daxam in the brig to cure him of the 'misconception' he learned from Kara.

She is one tough cookie!

Kara convinces the DEO to rescue Mon-El despite the President's edict. They use the portal gate from the Slavers' Moon episode to teleport onto the ship. J'onn masquerades as Supergirl to deal with the Kryptonite. Winn rescues Mon-El from his cell (including a nice 'aren't you a little short to be a stormtrooper?' line).

As always, a decent fight breaks out. Supergirl herself teleports in. She fights Rhea. J'onn fights Lar Gand. In a stupid move, Mon-El shoots out bridge's window, opening the chamber to space and threatening everyone.

Finally, Lar ends the fight. In a poignant read, he says it is clear now that J'onn, Winn, and Kara are Mon's family now. Mon can go. Rhea is devastated saying 'Krypton has taken everything' from her. Another nice line.

In the most cutting line, Mon-El says that this is the last time they will ever see each other. Maybe a little too rough? Couldn't he say 'I hope some day we can see eye to eye and reconcile?' This seemed a bit too final.

So there is nothing left but the wrap-up.

We are reminded that the President is an alien. This isn't a Dominator. Maybe she is a Psion? She doesn't look like a Durlan. Hmmm ... the Durlans were part of the invasion though.

Meanwhile, Mon-El has a nice heart to heart with Kara saying that he admires her. She makes heroism and self-sacrifice seem so easy. I can't help but hear Kara saying similar things about Superman last season. The roles are flipped. I liked this, showing growth in both characters.

But then the ending of all endings!

Lar says Daxam values happiness over all things and Mon-El is happy. They should be happy. But Rhea isn't buying it. She kills him by stabbing him in the chest. Again, it is perfect killing shot, right under the sternum into the heart. She is really an assasin. And she isn't leaving Earth any time soon.

Hmmm ... she was wielding sais like Elektra, another comic assassin. Maybe that was a visual short cut.

Alas, no new episodes for a month so we have to mull this.

But whoa! Rhea has just grabbed the lead villain role. And Teri Hatcher is eating up the role gleefully. Love it.

My guess is she teams up with Lillian Luthor. Cadmus hates aliens and Supergirl. Rhea enslaves aliens and hates Supergirl. Maybe they can team up and kill Supergirl. Then Daxam will cart all the aliens off Earth. All the villains will be happy.


Anonymous said...

Good chapter that advanced the plot nicely. Unfortunately the break may kill the momentum.

"There is something just so lovely and adorable about how excited Kara gets over bacon and home fries."

She will have no beef bourguignon!

Well, Rhea is certainly a vicious villain.

And Emily is Maggie's ex-girlfriend. No Kate. Maybe Berlanti couldn't secure the rights to use Batman characters after all. A pity. I want to see Batgirl. Preferably Barbara. But Steph is also great... Oh, God, I want to see them both!

I wonder how all subplots will be tied up at the end of the season. Mon-El, Reah, the alien President, Cadmus...

So many homages and references to the Legion of Super-heroes can not be a concidence. Will Kara will meet three heroes from the future shortly? Heh. Let's tell she does, and the roles of Imra, Garth and Rokk are played by adult performers but their codenames remain Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad and Cosmic Boy. Can you imagine the online flamewars?

I hope we see Superman again, too.

Off-topic, but I've just read Back Issue 17 explains why Supergirl moved every time a new creative team took over:

Aaron said...

Okay, I'm just throwing this out there for people to ponder… As usual I intend no disrespect to anyone's opinions.

So… isn’t it good that Mon-El caused the death of that guy who got sucked into space? Kara will surely be pissed that his actions caused a needless death… Oh, wait… she didn’t give a single shit.
Of course, I understand that she was trying not to get sucked into space too, but; doesn’t she have super strength? Offering an assisting arm to that guy wouldn’t have been beyond believability.
Supergirl, upon seeing the guy whooshing towards her and the breach, would/should have known for an absolute certainty that he was going to his death. We have to remember here that Supergirl had a clear view of him coming towards her. Yet, she did absolutely nothing. And even after the breach was sealed, she displayed no emotion whatsoever about it. It was such a short scene, but even in such short scenes, details are everything. Details can make or break the intended result.
Even if she had just outstretched an arm to save him (or at least try), how much more powerful would that have been to Supergirl’s motto of hope, help and compassion for all? This could’ve made such a badass statement about her character.
Does anyone remember the first season episode ‘Human for a Day?’ She had no powers for the majority of that episode, yet her remorse and regret of not being able to help people was evident. In this episode, she saw clearly the guy going to his death, he died, and… there was absolutely nothing from Supergirl. Not a thing. This scene just felt really off.
All it would’ve taken was an outstretched arm! Such a minute detail can make a huge difference.
But, no. Supergirl merely floated there without a single emotion crossing her features. Again, the director went merely for what ‘looked cool’, much like the director did in producing the CGI sequences showing Supergirl killing Dominators.
I’d like to say I expected more from KS, but after seeing Supergirl Lives, it sadly wasn’t the case.
This isn’t just another hypocritical scene of Supergirl failing to live up to her principles; it’s a scene of her ignoring them altogether.

Thoughts, people?

Anj said...

Well Aaron,
Maybe I didn't state strongly enough how stupid Mon-El was in shooting out the portal. He could have killed everyone, including J'onn and Kara.

I saw the guard fly out too and thought that was a bit brutal. Maybe Smith felt he needed to show that to make sure we knew how close everyone was to death.

As for Kara, you can say she was caught off guard by the sudden decompression and didn't even see that happen. Or you could say she was in the throes of pain from Kryptonite exposure and was in no shape to help anyone.

Still, a side conversation to Mon about how idiotic that was and how it cost some guy his life would be welcomed.

Aaron said...

Hi, Anj, I appreciate the reply. Yes I agree that the throes of pain from Kryptonite exposure could've rendered her in no shape to help anyone. I still think she could've shown some emotion though. She was cold (and inconsistent with past characterization).
And yes, you did state strongly enough how stupid Mon-El was in shooting out the portal.
I know my comment could be construed as nitpicking, but believe it or not, I do care about the character, and I want her to be portrayed respectfully. I'm sure everyone who has read my past comments knows how passionate I can get. I just wonder if it's because Supergirl just isn't as popular as Superman? If this was Superman's show, would audiences be letting it get away so many transgressions? From the backlash against MoS, I'm guessing no.

I don't mean to rile anyone, and I offer my apologies if I have.

SG Fan said...

It was a solid episode and I want Kevin Smith to keep direction on Supergirl. His episodes have been great, 2/2 thus far.

I think Anj hit all the high points. One thing I'd point out is I think we have a little bit of villain overload this season. We've got Cadmus, Queen Rhea, and whatever the hell is going on with President Wonder Woman. I'm glad they went big but feel like maybe there's too many villain plots going on. Cadmus should have wrapped up in Exodus, but now we've got a get a resolution to that and what happened to Jeremiah. Also we've got see what else Rhea has planned plus again haven't even gotten to Alien President.

Now maybe Marsten isn't evil but they've definitely not played her scenes that way. Could be they're setting something up for next season, if so, cool but I've got the feeling as with most of the CW shows they're going to wrap up the arcs for the baddies by the end for the most part. Which is going to be a challenge.

Anj said...

I don't think you're riling up anyone Aaron. I'm all about discussion and opinion here. Thanks for all your comments!

Aaron said...

Thank you, Anj. I appreciated that. :)

Anonymous said...

Man was this a violent episode or what? Queen Rhea goes for the face what...twice? A Vicious sadistic woman to be sure, with Lillian Luthor I'm sure it'll be Love at First Sight. Yeah I think the season finale has to to revolve around a team up of Lil & Rhea, to Kill Kara (and Kal El perhaps) and then hand the aliens over en masse as slave labor to "Make Daxam Great Again" so to speak. The show is overall shipping a lot of dangling plot thread going into the end of the season, that is disquieting however lets remember the show is already renewed for Season Three....they are under no pressure to wrap everything up during May Sweeps. They can easily end on a true cliffhanger and pick up at the moment of danger next year....
As for the "executed extra", I suspect Mon El was actually trying to kill his own parents and with typical ineptitude simply offed the wrong target....I'm sure this sort of thing is a standard feature of Daxamite Royal Succession. And yes the planet may well be a sort of matriarchy I think it's significant that Rhea never to tried to co-opt Kara by offering her a place in the succession as the Royal Heir's Spouse.
And long before Kara has a chat with Mon El about his actions on the "Mothership" she needs to discuss her sister's ever-higher body count and rampant drinking....
I'm questioning whether the President is a villain of some type I suspected she was a White Martian but she may be something else altogether and simply playing a different game. BTW does Lynda Carter have a Lazarus Pit on her Property or Something? She is pushing 65 and looks ....."wonderful". :)


Anonymous said...

First off, Kevin Smith back directing this ep was great, as were the pop culture references dropped
into the dialogue!

Second is Teri Hatcher and Lynda Carter back as Queen Rhea and POTUS respectively! I'm not sure what
the endgame is for Lynda Carter's character, but Hatcher just KILLS it in this role. When she whips
out the kryptonite sais, talk about someone's BADA** Queen B*tch mode activating! What'd've been
epic would be if Supergirl whipped out her own lead-based sais, but oh well... Interesting theory
about Daxam being a matriarchy, Anj; watching Sorbo's performance this ep, I was wondering if he was
the wilful ignorant type or the blissfully ignorant type, given a) he honestly didn't know Rhea had
put out the bounty, and b) he was more willing to let Mon-El go find his own happiness than Rhea was,
ie. so long as all is right in his world and his wife's happy, it really doesn't enter into his

The final end of Sorbo at his wife's hands... almost didn't see that coming, but fits Hatcher's
character's portrayal so far to a T.

> So… isn’t it good that Mon-El caused the death of that guy who got sucked into space?

I don't dispute aa3on's position, on the other, I've pretty much written it off as one of those
little niggling points that prevents this show from being pitch perfect / was played more for

I don't dispute the position that Supergirl has and should be trying to save everyone she can.


Aaron said...

Hi, anonymous (both). It's a shame they don't try to be pitch perfect with her character; I mean, it's not like they don't know who she is; her character traits are well known. Anyway, I'm just glad DC leads with the comics. In the next day or two, I'll be getting the Batgirl annual which features Supergirl; so I'm just looking forward to reading that. :)

KET said...

"It's a shame they don't try to be pitch perfect with her character; I mean, it's not like they don't know who she is; her character traits are well known."

Yep, and one of those traits (often forgotten by fans whenever it's convenient) is that Kara makes mistakes. In other words, she's embraced the humanity of her adopted world, and often screws up just like the locals. She may be Supergirl, but she still doesn't hold up her self-professed idealism perfectly.

This behavior is demonstrated repeatedly throughout this much so that J'onn gets called out by the POTUS for disobeying direct orders. Of course, Marsden also has something to hide (she's a Durlan), which could also pose more problems if the ultimate goal is to goad all sides into an intergalactic war.

Of course, Kara's hypocrisy might come back to bite her before the season is done, since she's been getting sloppier with keeping her alter-ego ID under wraps.

Scrimmage said...

Like Mon-El, I admire Kara's clarity of purpose, and her optimistic point of view, and I usually agree with her willingness to give others the benefit of the doubt, but in this episode, her naïveté endangered everyone, and almost got her killed. Kara's biggest mistake is believing that people can change when the sad truth is, they don't. Yes, they can grow, and mature (which is what we've seen in both Kara and Mon-El over the course of this season, as Anj mentioned in the review), and sometimes they can even alter their behavior when they are sufficiently motivated, but that's a lot different than someone changing their fundamental nature. Personally, I don't believe that's possible.

Think of it this way: If it were true that someone genuinely evil could change, and become sincerely good, then the opposite must also be true, meaning that under the right conditions, Supergirl, herself could become truly EVIL someday, and we all know that's NEVER going to happen. A thief may quit stealing, but they will always be a thief at heart. An addict might quit taking drugs, but they're still an addict. A liar might tell the truth, but that doesn't make them an honest person, and a true hero may stand down, or accidentally let someone die, but that doesn't make them any less heroic!

That's the lesson Kara learned the hard way in this episode, and in doing so, I think she also lost some of her youthful innocence, to the point where I think she'll be more wary of trusting people in the future. This is a good thing. It's a regrettable, but necessary development in her career, and in her life, as she comes to realize that she's not quite as bulletproof as she once thought she was, and accepts the fact that there are some people who really DON'T have any good in them at all, no matter how deep inside them you look for it. Rhea is every bit as evil as Kara is good, and if she doesn't understand that by now, I think she soon will.

Scrimmage said...

Random Observations:

Unless Maggie's ex-gf turns out to be an alien bounty hunter from the Planet of the She-Devils, I'm not interested in this latest episode of National City 90210. I'm almost as bored with the weekly “romantic misunderstanding that gets resolved in one hour,” that seems to rotate between Alex and Maggie, Kara and Mon-El, or even Winn and his alien girlfriend, Lyra, as I am with seeing Guardian getting his metal plated butt handed to him by every super-powered villain he crosses paths with. If you look up the word “useless” in the dictionary, you'll see a picture of James-Olsen-as-Guardian fighting an alien. Where's a good signal watch when you really need one?

I'm also disappointed in the inconsistencies in Alex's character. She's a SOLDIER for cryin' out loud! Why does she always have to act so girly and insecure when she's not kicking alien butt with her trust raygun? I threw up in my mouth a little bit over that silly “I hate yoga” bit at the beginning of the show. Alex should think yoga is a walk in the park compared to the kind of training she's supposedly been through, and dishes out on a regular basis. The Alex I want to watch is the one who asked for a wrench to “penetrate” the alien telepath's mind, not the one who confronted a stranger over a missed dinner date. And before the PC crowd gets their panties in a twist again, this has NOTHING to do with the fact that Alex is in a lesbian relationship. I'd be saying the EXACT same thing if she was acting so moony over a guy! It's JUST NOT HER!

So Mon-El flies now? Good to know. Or maybe he just leaps medium-sized buildings in a single bound. Either way, when he took off with Kara through her window (Goodbye security deposit! Goodbye secret identity!), I think that was the first time we've actually seen him airborne. I'd really like to know how his powers (and Rhea's) compare to Supergirl's.

Speaking of Rhea...

Don't you think the Fortress' security systems would've detected Kryptonite on the Queen as soon as she beamed in? That was a RIDICULOUS oversight. They should've met somewhere else, since the Fortress location seemed rather incidental anyway.

I kept saying all through this episode that Hercules had better man up, and get control of his situation, AND his wife Rhea (the always spectacular Teri Hatcher), but did he listen to me? NOOOOOO! By the way, I think Rhea stabbed him with a Lead Dagger. That girl sure knows how to accessorize!

I'm looking forward to the show's return, and I'm eagerly anticipating a scene with her royal majesty, Rhea (Teri Lois Lane Hatcher), President Marsdin (Lynda Wonder Woman Carter), and Jeremiah (Dean Superman Cain). Fun, fun, FUN!

Scrimmage said...

As far as the discussion about Supergirl's non-reaction to guy who was killed when he flew out the window, I've already erased the episode, so I can't go back to check, and I could be mistaken, but I don't believe we saw anyone get sucked out into space during the actual fight scene. I'm pretty sure we only saw that in the CGI shot from outside of the spaceship, which are added post-production, along with all the other special effects. It's entirely possible that at the time the fight scene was being filmed, that guy's death wasn't even in the script, which would explain why none of the actors reacted to it. It's also possible that they only added that shot to show that Rhea's Kryptonite sais went out the window, (which was the whole point) and someone down the line from TPTB could've added the guy, not only for dramatic effect, but to show him getting stabbed by one of the K-sais, which he was, if you looked closely. Of course, that's all speculation on my part, but I see this more as a technical disconnect, or a minor continuity error, than an egregiously out-of-character lapse in Supergirl's portrayal.

Anonymous said...

"It's a shame they don't try to be pitch perfect with her character; I mean, it's not like they don't know who she is; her character traits are well known."

They are, though? A lot of people seems to assume she is a female Superman, a subservient slave to the Silver Age Superman or the bratty jerk she was during the Joe Kelly run.

She is hot-headed and fierce, she is impulsive and hasty, she is kind-hearted and compassionate, she is flawed and makes mistakes because she is young and is still learning, she is an immigrant trying to fit in. Those are her character traits, but I wonder how many people know about them.

"In the next day or two, I'll be getting the Batgirl annual which features Supergirl; so I'm just looking forward to reading that. :)"

It was good, a very funny story and a great Kara/Babs team-up. However the solicit misled us a bit.

Anonymous said...

As for Jimmy Olsen, Guardian is starting to look like a desperate attempt to keep him in the narrative now that Kara is unemployed. And it get more desperate every week he isn't her boss and he isn't her boyfriend...and he is kind of a waste of time as a hero. Maybe they should have gone with "Elastic Lad" or something else from the 1960's.
Pointedly, when was the last time they built a script around Jimmy....? its been a while quite frankly...


Aaron said...

Hi, KET. You make interesting points.. Food for thought. :) I hope you're well.

Anonymous said...

One of the Superman/Batman issues established a war between Durla and Krypton so a Daxam-Durla alliance would not totally be out of left field...

Martin Gray said...

Just catching up on the show, great episode. I liked the Amalak reference, and wonder if the mental alien wasn't inspired by Psimon. I hope we see him again, that actor was great.

So, with Brenda Strong and Teri Hatched, we have two of the Desperate Housewives. Wonder if the showrunners are fans.