Tuesday, October 11, 2016

NYCC Supergirl News

Last weekend was New York Comiccon, one of those conventions that is seemingly just down the street from me but one I have never been able to attend. It is a massive con which, from afar, feels like mini San Diego convention with a bigger and bigger multimedia presence.

I did my best to try to follow the news from the convention from a distance and so I thought I would try to consolidate the Supergirl news here. I should put the word news in quotes. Not much true news was dropped but what was released was big.

There was a Superman family panel with Peter Tomasi, Phil Jimenez, and Steve Orlando. Here are a couple of link:

The Bleeding Cool coverage is briefer. I picked the Supergirl specific blurbs and will present them here.

From Bleeding Cool: "This Supergirl comic is an opportunity to show what she means and represents to so many. Mr. Orlando himself believes the actual character represents compassion."

We have heard from Orlando before how Supergirl will arrest you but then is going to visit you in jail to make sure you are doing well. That is her compassionate core.

And then we see a page from an upcoming Supergirl book where we see that scene actually played out. She is visiting the data-thief she stopped in the first issue.

And then from Comic Book Resources:
“He’s the brother of Superman’s father, and he fails…what’s interesting about [Cyborg Superman and Supergirl] is that they both thing they’re heroes…that’s where he thinks he’s coming from, but it’s filtered through being a killer robot from outer space. But it’s also relatable. I think you feel for him, and he’s a tragic character.”

And will Cyborg Superman survive this first arc? Orlando wouldn’t say, but he did note that Supergirl is not just interested in saving people in danger but saving the dangerous people as well. “That’s how she is. That’s her true strength. So regardless of what happens with Cyborg Superman, she’s invested in what happens to him and who he is.”

I've never been a fan of Zor-El being the Cyborg Superman. I don't know why Zor has become easy fodder as a quasi-villain (either by Jeph Loeb/Joe Kelly or David Allen Nelson). But if Orlando can somehow redeem him as a character I'll be happy. We see a couple of pages where Kara is tearing into him.

To see all the pages (including some of Kara in school meeting Cat) head here:http://www.newsarama.com/31440-nycc-16-new-dc-superman-family-panel-images.html

None of those things were really 'news'. But Orlando did drop this:
The discussion moved to fan questions where Orlando explained that for the time being, “Supergirl” will not be crossing into the stories of her cousin and his expansive supporting cast.

So for all of those who were hoping that Supergirl will meet the pre-Flashpoint Superman and have them team-up, looks like we'll need to wait.

DC Superhero Girls also continues to soar as a platform for DC heroes and Supergirl. There will be a new graphic novel and a new digital first comic as well. Here is a link:

DC Super Hero Girls: Past Times at Super Hero High digital first comic launched today and will debut new chapters every other Wednesday. Written by Fontana, the digital comic will feature art by Agnes Garbowska, Labat, and more to be announced. A print graphic novel collecting the series is set for 2017.
Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to read and review all of this. There is a limit to my budget. I hope folks will keep me in the loop about what is happening in the book.

There was even a life size Lego version of the DC Superhero Girls Supergirl at the con. Amazing.

Lastly, on Twitter, I saw a ton of Supergirl commissions. There is some really great pieces that folks nabbed. I decided to post this one from current Jem artist Meredith McClaren which was lovely.

Was anyone at the con? Anything I missed?


Anonymous said...

That life-size pic of a Lego DC Superhero Girls was a GREAT way to start the AM. Thanks for sharing, Anj!

Now I want one for my place :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the article. Really bummed about Supergirl not crossing over with Superman though. Them being together strengthens both of their characters, makes them more believable and living. At least the TV Show realized that, and I guess that will have to do for now.