Monday, October 10, 2016

DC All Access

It is finally happening.

Tonight the season premiere of Supergirl Season 2 is airing.

There was a time when we weren't sure this was going to happen. There was a time when people dissected the CBS ratings and we wondered if this show was as big a success as we assumed it was. When it was announced the show was on the CW,  we wondered if it would change the show, that suddenly it would have the budget of a high school play.

But all those worries have gone away. The show has been embraced by the CW. The same massive amount of promotion happened. And the effects (at least on the brief trailers we have seen) seem just as great.

Even DC Comics seems to have joined in the fun. There is a new comic on the rack, aligned a bit with the show. And this week the DC All Access column is devoted to the show. It is a basic primer on the show, filling in anyone who hasn't seen the first season. There has been too many times when it seemed DC scoffed at the character. Anytime I see the company as a whole promoting Supergirl, I sport a wry smile.

So let's all settle in and enjoy.


KET said...

Simply put, the TV show got Supergirl just right, and showed DC Comics the way back to the character in their books. Turns out to be a win-win (or more reliably, Winn) situation for Girl of Steel fans everywhere. Now on to further adventures....


Anonymous said...


And the writers of the Superman books told in the latest Con that both cousins must and will meet, but Supergirl must be firmly established first. So now I'm feeling calmer (it bothered me that they hadn't met yet and talked things over).

Anonymous said...

Season Opener ep last night... one word : WOW!! Two more words : LOVED IT!!
Between the loving that Supergirl is getting across all media, to the return
of the Supergirl monthlies, to (FINALLY!) the return of Supergirl TV to my mondays,
nearly all is right again in my world.

Best Regards To All Supergirl Fans Everywhere! Hope last night watching the opener
was as fun for you as it was for me!