Sunday, September 18, 2016

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #31

Sorry that I forgot to post this yesterday!

I continue my look a the Legion Threeboot series over on the Legion of Superbloggers and have been sharing the link to the Supergirl issues here. Here is a link to my latest review, on Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #31:

This issue marks the beginning of the Tony Bedard era on the title. Mark Waid and Barry Kitson finished their run last issue, ending the Dominator War and sending Cosmic Boy into the future to join another team of heroes. But everything isn't rosy!

In this issue, Bedard and artist Kevin Sharpe set the new landscape for the book. Supergirl is elected leader. Their is tremendous unrest in the team with Cos gone. Worst of all, the UP wants to try Cosmic Boy for war crimes. And Supergirl, as leader, is trying to keep everything together. But not everyone is thrilled that a time displaced outsider was elected.

The team is on edge. And new threats are on the periphery, getting ready to strike. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks again Anj for continuing to read through and review this title. Definately, the explanation of the
transition from Waid & Kitson to Bedard and Sharpe explains the "disconnect" I noticed during my first read
through of this in TPB form -- seemed like after so much happening to her and coming out smelling like roses,
so much unlike what was going on in her own solo title -- she seemed to take a step back personality-wise.

To me, the odd thing was how much of a shy little violet she was the first time behind the podium, and how
some of the Legion were against her leadership. I'm not saying that she should just pick up the mantle where
Cosmic Boy left off as if nothing happened, but after having just fought a war against the Dominators, and
how much she's proven herself while with the Legion, you'd think more of them would be on her side.

I do appreciate the fierce Bedard gives her when the fists start flying with her "anyone leaves so much as a
scuff mark and they answer to me" statement. The ripost "What's a scuff mark" always cracks me up!

Kudos for Bedard and Sharpe for picking up from a seemingly impossible place to continue from!


Anonymous said...

Halfway through the Bedar's run and I'm enjoying it less than Waid's run (even if the "Eat it, grandfather!" message was annoying). And Kara becoming the leader was a nice but hardly exploited subplot. She barely appears before being sent back to the past!

It's not bad, but less interesting.