Thursday, September 29, 2016

DC Superhero Girls Happy Meal

If you are a Supergirl fan, hopefully you realize that we are living in a wonderful time.

The current Happy Meal at McDonalds is JLAction and DC Superhero Girls. And that means that we actually have a Supergirl doll as a Happy Meal toy. The Girl of Steel is everywhere. And she is being marketed to all demographics. Gone are the days when I would say I was a Supergirl fan and people would say 'she doesn't exist'. Everyone seems to know about her! And that is great.

As for the Happy Meal toy, it is a pretty solid figure. There isn't much articulation but the pose is heroic, the face is lovely, and oh that hair!

I am a fan of this golf shirt, red Chuck Taylors, and red skirt look as a decent take on what Supergirl might wear to school.

But a very nice figure.

As I said, the hair is the big draw to this figure. The cape is fine. But this is truly a doll. Cool.

She has found a spot on one of the shrine shelves, taking a space next to the official figure. I have to say I might like this Happy Meal toy more than the figure. But both are nice.

Here is that entire shelf with the DC Superhero Girls section there on the right.

That shelf is pretty full!

But the figure isn't the only cool thing in the Happy Meal. You get a Supergirl tattoo. And if you log into a Happy Meal app and scan your doll, you get access to the Supergirl/Katana game. Interesting pairing!

The game was designed by blog friend and overall talent Luke Daab. Here is what Luke said:
Ta-da! So the game works like a pinball game turned on its side. Instead of one place to lose the ball, there are three. If you activate all the lights surrounding the window at the top, Katana shows up and block the top two exits.

Even better, the Super cousins are shown together in a little add on the toy standee in the McDonald's lobby! The Super Cousins are together everywhere these days!

Now let's all be honest, who is going to head to McDonald's to try and grab one of these?

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Anonymous said...

All of it sounds very cool.

"Everywhere these days!" Everywhere but the Super-books. I can't wait to see Kara making appearances in Action Comics and Superman again.