Thursday, June 16, 2016

Sales Review: May 2016

The sales for May have been released and, as always, I use ICv2 to review the numbers. Here is that link:

The last week of May saw DC finally release #Rebirth. It may not be a reboot. It certainly was a bargain at 80 pages for $2.99. And it did hit on a lot of the problems with DC over the last few years. But this was also the lame duck month for DC. The real #Rebirth is happening now as the specials are being released, new titles are appearing, and older titles are getting bold new directions.

As such, it is not surprising that Marvel continued to dominate the scene in May. DC was running on fumes until the Rebirth Special hopefully filled up the creative tank again.

As I said, the DC Universe Rebirth Special was the high point of the month.

Whether you agree with the idea of the Watchmen being part of the current DCU, or part of the creative problem, the book was something of a godsend for someone like me who has bemoaned the overly dark tone of the entire DCU.

Seeing Wally back, seeing Aquaman propose to Mera, seeing all of it worked.

It seemed to capture the imagination of the comic public as well. It sold over 250K.

Basically this was a one-shot that declared a collective 'do over' for the DCU. I'm glad it sold well.

The Superman books will be pretty heavily effected by change post-Rebirth as well.

The New 52 Superman is dead. The old pre-Flashpoint Superman is now the Superman of the DCU. Supergirl is back in action. Lois has powers. A new Superman is working in China.

All of these changes came together in the final pre-Rebirth arc 'The Final Days of Superman'. I was pretty impressed with the story as it seemed to capture what Superman should be.

It sold pretty well and that makes me happy. I wonder if word was getting out that we were finally moving away from the grim, gritty, aloof, angry, occasionally creepy Superman in prior New 52 stories. Maybe this is a sign that old Superman readers are coming back.

Superman #52 sold 54K. Action Comics #52 sold over 40K. Both those numbers are better than prior months.

Supergirl fans who don't read digitally finally got a book on the shelves.

The digital first Adventures of Supergirl, written by Sterling Gates with art by a rotating group, was put into print form. These issues are coming out every two weeks. That means we saw the orders for Adventures of Supergirl #1 and AoSG #2.

I have really enjoyed this book as Gates has written a long form story which bolsters the television show while also recognizing Supergirl history.

The first issue sold over 16K which I think is decent for a digital first book.

The second issues numbers were far less at 11K. I wonder if retailers responded to how well the first issue actual sold.

And it would be nice if digital numbers were known.

Finally, last month was the final issue of the other Supergirl book on the shelves, Justice League 3001.

JL3001 was a weird, wild, fun book that was sadly overlooked. I suppose continuity-loose stories set in a possible future with no impact on the current timeline will always be a hard sell.

Taking it's last breath, Justice League 3001 #12 sold just over 11K.

It is a book and a Supergirl that I'll miss reading each month.


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

While I did enjoy the Rebirth one-shot, I'd consider the large amount of sales to getting an 80 page comic for $2.99 to be a factor.

Anonymous said...

Yeah an 80 page comic sold for $2.99 is what probably contributed to such large sales on that one shot issue. That and the Watchmen reveal twist as well.