Saturday, June 18, 2016

Review: Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #21

It's Threeboot Saturday, in which I point you to my review of the Supergirl and Legion of Super-Heroes review I did on the Legion of Super-Bloggers site. Here is the link to my review of issue #21:

This book was starting to pick up some steam at this point, juggling multiple plot lines and adding some nice mysteries and character points. I have enjoyed this run much more while rereading it this time critically.

Remember, Supergirl thinks she is in a complex dream state, safe on Krypton.

In a very good scene, the other female Legionnaires push her a bit, trying to snap her out of this odd idea and into reality. And they push some buttons.

Phantom Girl talks about how she feels like she doesn't belong on Earth or her homeworld Bgztl, torn between two cultures.

Triplicate Girl talks about how she can't go home again because she would be shunned.

Projectra talks about how her world was destroyed and she is alone. She wonders if Kara understands that.

All of these were meant to prick some emotional nerve in Kara. For a second, it seems to snap her back to reality. But then she sinks back into the safe fantasy that this is a dream world.

Fascinating take on Supergirl. Great issue of the Legion.


Uncle Screensaver said...

Didn't "WW III" have that when she had gone to, or come back from, the 30th Century she was split in two which was never resolved?

Anj said...

Yep. There was one panel where it showed her split somehow. But it was never clearly resolved.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the review and history Anj. This chapter is as good a place to ask it -- do you know
when Brainac 5 started to be portrayed as insane, offhand? My first readthrough of this, I guess I
was still stuck on the golden / silver age Braniac 5 who had a crush / romance with Supergirl, so I was
surprised there wasn't that during this run? And that he was ALOT darker than I'd initially imagined
him to be. As for his comments of "one of the first things I did when I joined your little club was
to make sure I was immune to all your powers..." well, not much of a team player, is he? Can he be
trusted in the upcoming issues?

Definately though, the Supergirl panels are handled beautifully... though Projectera's comments...
can't tell how much is her trying to shatter Supergirl's "illusion," and how much is resentment of
Supergirl. But Supergirl continues to believe that she's dreaming all of this up, for better or worse.

@Uncle Screensaver
WW III had a couple panels of Supergirl returning to the 21st century, getting split and passing
through an immaterial J'onn Jonz. But yeah, after that both the plot point of her splitting in two,
and Supergirl herself, disappeared from the rest of the story.

...after that, as far as I know history-wise, was the big Brainiac / World Of New Krypton arc.