Saturday, January 23, 2016

I Pre-ordered Adventures of Supergirl

I had always clung to a simple truth when it came to comic collecting. 'Never digital.'

So call me a Luddite if you want. Imagine me throwing wooden shoes into the gears of a factory machine in a futile attempt to stop progress. But I had never even set up an account at a site to get comics in that way. Instead I waited ... and waited ... for things to be printed.

Well, if you read the first sentence, you'll notice the verb of 'had', meaning a thing of the past.

Because frankly, I couldn't think of waiting months for all 13 chapters of the Adventures of Supergirl digital first comic to come out on paper. So I went an pre-ordered it on-line. Here is the link:

Seriously, if you are a fan of the show or the character or the creators involved, you should head to whatever site you use and do this as a show of support.

After setting up the account and subscribing to the series, I then had to go to Twitter to ask my friends what happens next. Apparently on Monday I go to my account and read it on my tablet. Fascinating!

(Don't make fun of me.)

If you are on the fence, you should head to which has a nice article/interview with Sterling Gates and some preview art as well! Here is that link:

I'll save the big review for the comic but opening this book in a sports stadium is a bit reminiscent of Gates' first issue on the main Supergirl book. Also, I love Bengal's art on these pages. I especially like Rampage who gives off a bit of a Dragon Ball Z vibe to the proeceedings.

Anyways, I promise I will let you know how things go on Monday as I scroll through the story rather than thumbing through the pages.

But regardless of my digital aversion, Kara fans should be pumped for this!


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna buy the TPBs and hope that this venture, tv digital comic TPB proves a success.....if it does then Supergirl may finally crack The A-List....something I've dreamt of all my life.


Anonymous said...

I think she cracked the "AAA" list, by any standard, (ANY),when she calls in 10,000,000 human beings to watch her every monday at 9, to "Got-ham"´s 5,000,000.-
But leave it to the old (VERY OLD) "DC" comix INc. to cling to their false cosmogony until the last of the Titanic boat leaves and their orchestra finally silences.-
(which should be about may or june this year)


KET said...

I think this comic series will be a true test for whether DC Comics can finally 'right the ship' after so many years of getting things wrong...but then again, they are already planning a relaunch of the God-awful Bloodlines concept... :(

...but I digress. I do like the fact that Gates is working closely with the show runners to get a good feel for the TV Supergirl series and its ground-breaking modern conception. The other thing I admired from another Gates interview was his name-checking of legendary animated director Hayao Miyazaki, whose collected film works have featured many strong female characters in a variety of settings. Those works provide several examples of terrific themes that can be also be explored within the Supergirl series framework.

Looking forward to Monday, for double the Supergirl pleasures.


Martin Gray said...

I really hope we get an extended run after the initial issues, so Supergirl can be sent places TV perhaps can't go - then again, with the things they can do on a TV budget now...

Anyway, already subscribed. I think you'll love digital comics, they make it so easier to get images for blogs. And all those 99 cent sales...

Unknown said...

Awesome! Yeah I've only recently made the transition to digital comics. (Funny how different reading it digital compared to paper is, still getting used to that.) I've never really read Supergirl much before but I'll check these out. Love your blog! Pretty satisfying for comic book lover like myself.