Friday, January 22, 2016

April 2016 Solicits

The DC Comics solicits for April came out this week and there were a few welcome surprises. Here is a link to the complete list over on Comic Book Resources:

The big news for me was that the main universe Supergirl is finally mentioned. We haven't heard from her since the last issue of her solo title. More on this when we hit the appropriate solicit.

And it is clear that DC finally realizes that the Supergirl show is a hit and they should try to cash in on her surge in popularity. The choices they are making are mixed in my mind. But more on that later too.

Onto the relevant solicits.

Art and cover by SCOTT KOLINS

Now that the Justice League is aware of Lady Styx’s ultimate plan, the team is forced to stand its ground to save the human race from extinction. Little do they know that Eclipso is hot on their tails! Plus, the Justice League may have a traitor in its midst.

As the 'go to' book for Supergirl these days, I am glad that JLA 3001 has survived another month without the dreaded 'final issue' tagline. But I worry. Twelfth issues are a perfect spot for the axe.

Giffen and DeMatteis keep pushing things in this book. I assume this is Sinestro on the cover, one more survivor from the 21st century.

I keep wondering if there will be some Twilight Zone ending to this book. Like this universe is a version of comic book hell or purgatory.

Cover by ANT LUCIA

The first of a two-part epic finale to the first year of the war! Tenebrus unleashes an undead army upon London as the Battle of Britain begins, and Amanda Waller’s Bombshells are united at last. But will even the combined might of Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batwoman, Stargirl, Aquawoman, Dr. Light and Big Barda be enough to protect a city under siege? Or will one of the Bombshells be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice?

As the second 'go to book' for Supergirl, I am glad this book is such a hit. I have been eagerly awaiting the time when all the Bombshells team up as a team. Looks like we are finally there. How can you not love this cover with Supergirl, a machine gun toting Amanda Waller, and Big Barda!

This book has been a completely delicious treat.

Written by PETER J. TOMASI
Variant cover by JOHN ROMITA, JR. and KLAUS JANSON

Superman is shocked to learn that Kara has been missing for some time as part three of “Super League” begins! Now, with Batman’s help, Kal-El is on his cousin’s trail—but he can’t believe where it’s leading him and who she has joined!

Hurray! Supergirl is mentioned.
Well ... I hope hurray.

There are things that bother me about this solicit which makes my 'I generally don't trust the current DC to treat Supergirl right' feelings surge a bit. First off, Peter Tomasi hasn't exactly wowed me in recent days with his stories.

Second, Clark is shocked to learn that Kara has been missing? I guess he doesn't care about his one surviving family member to keep track of her. This seems off given what seemed like a closer relationship in the closing issues of her book by K. Perkins and Mike Johnson.

Third, he is surprised to see who she has joined? If they make Supergirl dark again, have her join a villain group, I'll be really disappointed. I am hoping its the Legion!

Lastly, we haven't seen Supergirl in months. She is now a TV star. She doesn't merit a spot on the cover?

I generally don't trust DC to treat the main universe Supergirl well. Should I have optimism?

Written by PETER J. TOMASI
Variant cover by JOHN ROMITA, JR. and DANNY MIKI
On sale APRIL 6 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T

It’s the start of a new chapter in the Man of Steel’s life that will change everything you know as the epic eight-part “Super League,” all written by Peter J. Tomasi, spans BATMAN/SUPERMAN, SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN and ACTION COMICS in April and May!
His time without powers made Kal-El realize that the world is in need of more protectors...more super-powered beings like himself. But where will he find such beings?

And now the premise of the next crossover is revealed. The world needs more protectors? More than the Justice League?

I hope Tomasi can deliver. And I look forward to seeing Mikel Janin on a Superman issue.

Written by PETER J. TOMASI
Variant cover by JOHN ROMITA, JR. and KLAUS JANSON

In part two of “Super League,” Superman enlists Batman’s aid in seeking out people that can help form his new super-league. A shocking discovery is made about a new super-being no one knew existed, and something is beginning to stalk Superman...

Interesting and eye-grabbing cover by Yanick Paquette here. He has been killing it in recent months on these books' covers.

I wonder if this new super-being is the pre-Flashpoint Superman? Is it a new character or reboot of an older character? And interesting to see Mahnke on this book.  Ed Benes is on the SM/WW book this month.

Written by DAN JURGENS
Art and cover by LEE WEEKS
Variant cover by JOHN ROMITA, JR. and DANNY MIKI

The cosmic menace of Hyathis hits Earth—and this Superman may not be enough to stop her from obtaining the power of the Oblivion Stone. And is Jon starting to manifest superpowers of his own?

So Supergirl being back in the Superman book was the biggest surprise of the month. But this was the second. Don't ask me why I love the old DC character Hyathis but I do. She's awesome. So to see that she is one of the big bads in this book (which I also love) was a very pleasant surprise.


Written by NEAL ADAMS
Art and cover by NEAL ADAMS

As Superman tries to find answers as to why Darkseid’s son, Kalibak, has kidnapped a young Middle-Eastern boy and his dog, three other Kryptonians have come to watch over Earth. Meanwhile, the planet Nibiru, which became New Krypton for the liberated Kandorians, is preparing to host Darkseid as he attempts to subjugate their world to make it his New Apokolips.

This book is going to be crazy. I don't know if I have anything more to say. That solicit is nuts.

Written by PETER DAVID

In this 1990s reimagining of the Girl of Steel, Lex Luthor’s familiar synthetic creation “Matrix”—who mimics Superman’s powers—merges with human girl Linda Danvers to create a new Supergirl! So why does everyone believe she’s dead? And what is the secret behind Linda Danvers’ evil past? Collects issues #1-9, SUPERGIRL PLUS #1, SUPERGIRL ANNUAL #1, and a story from SHOWCASE ’96 #8.

And then a couple of nice surprises. DC has been putting out more Supergirl trades and collections which is always welcome. People who come here know how much I love David's take on Matrix and Superman. So I am happy to see this trade reprinted. But unlike the last version, this one includes Supergirl Plus and Supergirl Annual #1, neither which impact the story dramatically. I wonder if these were put in as an incentive for people who own the original printing to buy this one.

This isn't Kara Zor-El. But it is a great read.

Art and cover by ERIC JONES

Supergirl’s cosmic adventure is back in print! Supergirl meets Belinda Zee, a new junior high adversary, in this all-ages title collecting the six-issue miniseries. And that’s just the start of the fun that includes super-powered pets and cosmic adventure!

And then another great great surprise! Another printing of Cosmic Adventures.

Maybe ... just maybe ... if sales are great ...

So some interesting stuff for April. Hopefully Tomasi writes a good Supergirl.


Anonymous said...

Definately some good news there, Anj. But agree with you, I don't trust DC to handle Supergirl right... I
won't rehash how hard it was for DC to give a straight face answer as to their future plans for Supergirl
leading up to the TV series premiere, but JLA3001 and Bombshells continues to surprise me. Action Comics #51...
I have to wonder...

> Maybe ... just maybe ... if sales are great ...WE'LL GET A SEQUEL!!!


Heck, Shut Up And Take My Money already DC and DO IT!

Side comment, 10th episode of DC Superhero Girls had the (throw away?) line about a "crashed Kryptonian ship
and the missing female occupant." Is this an indication Supergirl will be shown soon? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
bring her onto this series! She's the only character who hasn't had screentime yet!


Gene said...

In the library system where I work we only have only one copy of Cosmic Adventures left (out of 20 copies or so.) So this would be a great time to replenish the stock and hope for a sequel...


Martin Gray said...

Are people nicking the books, Gene?

I refuse to worry about the upcoming Supergirl comeback, Peter Tomasi has never produced scripts as bad as those he gave us in recent Superman/Batman, the ones that actually saw us drop the book. I'm hoping for GL/Batman Tomasi, and a fun, tough Kara. If it's bad. I'll say so, but for now I'm going to be optimistic.

Off to order a few copies of Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade...

Uncle Screensaver said...

I didn't even realize New52 Kara was going to back as I skip the new version of Superman, he's that in name only IMO. Once I read the solicit I cringed. In all his time depowered and "outed" he never once thought of his cousin as to where she was and as to why she wouldn't come see him? I imagine they'll have him say "I wanted to let her have her space" or something like that. Who's she's joined is especially troubling at first but I'm hoping that with the success of the TV series DC wouldn't put her in a negative light.

It would be awesome if she were in the LSH, and it would explain in a positive way where she went after she "bolted" from the JLU. I wonder if this will mention the ending of her own series or if it will be the writing of Convergence, where she was suddenly there with powers and afraid of the Red Lanterns.

It IS very sweet they're re-releasing these trades, since PAD's Kara reincarnation as Linda Danvers has been out of print so long. Of course, with all these trades, I wonder how the sales will be in relation to interest in her TV series, and also if they'll any kind of foreword explaining the completely different takes on the title character.

"Cosmic Adventures" is such a love letter to Supergirl and such a great way for kids to enjoy the character. There might be confusion over why she's called "Linda Lee" but she looks like a younger version of "Kara Danvers" that they may overlook it. I was wondering if the new print would include sketches as DC's trades often have cover sketches and/ or character sketches. (If you haven't seen Kara/ Power Girl's New 52 concept drawings in the first "Worlds' Finest" trade, it's curious as to why they went with the final look.)

While DC is untrustworthy when it comes to Supergirl, it's still an awesome time to be a fan with what we have, and as long as the TV series airs it might hold them accountable.

Uncle Screensaver said...

Oh. and Gene, that's awesome that your library has that many copies and that they're almost all taken out! Is this something recent due to the show?

Anonymous said...

The New 52 Superman will meet the Pre Flashpoint Superman in Superman #50 at the end of the awful Savage Dawn crossover so it's not him. The Super being the solicits refer to is the character that will be introduced in Tom Taylor's 3 part Batman/Superman arc I believe Anj. Here's the solicit for Superman/Wonder Woman #28 which confirms this:

"In part four of “Super League,” Wonder Woman and Superman encounter the being that was discovered in BATMAN/SUPERMAN #31. But will this person be Superman’s savior—or destroyer? And what is Ulysses’s role in all of this?"

I have no idea why Superman is shocked that Supergirl's gone missing given that she's the only other survivor of Krypton but they had to stretch this out somehow and make Supergirl relevant again given the TV show's success. Nor do I have high hopes for Tomasi writing this crossover at all since his Superman/Wonder Woman work has been god awful, some of the worst Superman comics in the New 52. And another Superman comic crossover right off the heels of subsequent crossovers is absurd and ridiculous in its repetition. It's just overly long filler until this 'Rebirth' rumour comes into play.


Anj said...

The lack of Kara in the super books was glaring. He should have sought her out. Or vice versa.

In the good old days he would have probably asked her to defend Metropolis for him!

Tomasi better do the right thing!

Anonymous said...

I have my doubts with our luck she has become a SuperMeth Addict...remember whenever anyone wants to "Fix Superman" Supergirl is usually the sacrificial lamb.
BTW is that a costume change in JL 3001? Kryptonian Armor?? Meh.


Anonymous said...

"Who she's joined" could very logically refer to the Wanderers and Captain Comet. That's already been broached in the "Five Years Later" timeline and it would make sense that it would bother Superman since Captain Comet was a semi-villain in the early Action Morrison run.

Gerry Beritela

Anj said...

Great idea about the Wanderers Gerry!

Anonymous said...

I notice they've called the Peter David book SUPERGIRL BOOK ONE which implies that there may be a BOOK TWO etc to follow, assuming sales are good. The only other TPB they released was for the final story arc so it'd be nice if they finally released all the other issues in between in TPB too.