Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Zack Snyder On Supergirl Set

The Supergirl television show is about 4 months away from officially airing on CBS and up to know everything has been great and my responses have been wholeheartedly optimistic.

And then I saw this news over the weekend. Zack Snyder visited the set of the show. (For full story head here:http://www.supergirl.tv/zack-snyder-visits-supergirl )

Seriously, if there is anyone who should be barred from the set, it should be Zack Snyder, a man whose overwhelmingly gray, depressing tone is going to turn me off of seeing DC heroes on the big screen. I have voiced my opinions on Man of Steel (and how much I don't like it) ad nauseum here. But one thing that deserves rementioning is that Supergirl was rumored to be in the second film. After seeing the first one, I am thrilled that Snyder isn't going to be able to put his thumbprint on the character.

Imagine that ... me, as a Supergirl fan, glad that she isn't in a mega-blockbuster movie!

Now it sounds like this was just a visit and he isn't going to impact the approach of the show. I mean it Berlanti Productions, don't let the siren song of 'gritty realism' deter you from your course. You'll end up dashed on the rocks!

My guess is Zack Snyder's mental picture of Supergirl is something like this ... without all the context of course.



Anonymous said...

Completely agree. Zack Snyder is overrated and would poison the show.

Martin Gray said...

With luck, a bit of Supergirl TV sweetness will rub off on HIM.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree with you more. If there's anyone who has no right to comment on the production and direction of the Supergirl TV show, it's Zack Snyder. If he had any influence on the show, it would probably turn into a poison slowing corrupting the joy and fun of the initial trailers. I'm still deliberating on whether I actually want to go see BvS, as I know I probably won't like it and will just review it in a negative light. Yet again.


Anonymous said...

While Snyder was onset, I can only hope and wish some of the hope and optimism rubbed off on him and that he doesn't
view the (DC) World as dark and negative all the time. "Gritty realism" I get, but without hope... sorry, not my
Superman or Supergirl.


Anonymous said...

I like to think Helen Slater (In her capacity as "Official Spokes Supergirl) told Snyder "Don't worry we are doing it right, nothing but smiles and bright colors! Oh and we wash our capes here!"

BTW Helen should start a "Super Sorority" with herself as "Grand Maid of Might" and Ms Benoist & Vandervoort as First Acolytes. Then enroll all the Supergirl voice actresses AND THEN nominate Carol Burnett as "Supergirl Emeritus" :) The parties will be preemo ferr shurrrr.


Gene said...

Just look at the movie Sucker Punch and that is enough to tell you how he would handle Supergirl. NO THANKS!


Anj said...

Thanks for the comments and the validation!

Could even Supergirl warm the heart of Zack Snyder?

Anonymous said...

I don´t believe this.
The seventh sign of Apocalypse.
I imagine this is the very first time in my whole life ...my whole life, that I am in agreement with anyhting, anyhow, that "Anj" writes.-
God exists.-
Since miracles do happen , I risk saying that "Zecharias Schneider...end time Nazi-Boy Nihilist supreme" went there with an offer from the Cohen crime family like...
"Abandon this abomination. It destroys our Father in Heaven. I promise a cameo by Ms. Benoist where I kill/disgrace/dissapear her in 20"...

I do think Nina Tassler/Berlanti´s answer to the Cohens /Rockefellers was sometnig like Anj´s & mine..."go away!".-