Monday, June 8, 2015

Geoff Johns Discussing The Supergirl Show

There has been a lot of minor news about the upcoming Supergirl show recently. From discussion about her suit design to newly added minor characters listed on the role call, it seems that interest in the show is still high. I can't believe we have to wait until November and not September to finally get to talking about the episodes themselves.

Anyways, a recent article about Geoff Johns' reactions to the show's trailer caught my eye. Johns has significant credibility from a comic point of view. But more importantly, I believe he likes Supergirl. It was, after all, Johns who began the rehabilitation of the character when she was in the quagmire of angst that Jeph Loeb and Joe Kelly had her drowning in. In Brainiac, Johns brought back a young, optimistic, heroic Kara. He brought back loving parents, shrunk and stuck in Kandor after being rescued from a floating Argo City. And I believe it was Johns who helped steer DC into having Sterling Gates write the book. From a Supergirl perspective, I tip my hat to him.

Here, on IGN, he discussed the Supergirl trailer, the folks who hated the trailer, and what he hopes the show will accomplish. For the full article, here is the link:

And then a couple of blurbs which caught my eye:

“When they first saw his suit, when we cast [Flash actor] Grant [Gustin], people were like, ‘That’s not the Flash!’ and now people are like, ‘Oh my god, he is the Flash!’ I’m so proud of that show and -- in so many ways the Flash was my favorite character growing up -- to see it realized and to see people embracing it. And it truly is a Flash TV show, we’re not shying away from anything. We jokingly said, yeah we’re doing Gorilla Grodd and I think people were like, ‘Okay...’ Yeah, no, we’re doing Gorilla Grodd! And we’ve got a lot of great plans for Supergirl in the same vein as that.”

I am glad that he brings up the Flash and the initial reaction to its first images and trailer. I will say that I was one of those fans who saw the maroon suit with  the lack of white around the chest lightning bolt and no yellow boots and said 'here we go again'. I thought this was going to be a show in the same vein as Man of Steel. So he's right, people lost their minds thinking that show would not be good and now it is revered.

More importantly, I think that the Flash is filled with rom-com moments and relationship talk and even problems with his office job. You could cut a trailer for the Flash show and make it look like Dawson's Creek. So I am glad he kind of shoos those concerns away as well.

People love The Flash. The same people are making Supergirl. Let's all take a deep breath.

“I think the greatest thing about the Supergirl show we’re working on and the thing I’m most proud of is it embodies the character and the Superman mythology in a really strong, accessible way that I think carries at least the tone and spirit with what we’ve done with The Flash. And Melissa Benoist is an amazing Supergirl and Kara Danvers. I’m just excited for people to see it." 

There is no doubt, even in the sliver of time that we have seen her, that Melissa Benoist is made for the part, just exuding optimism and heroism and the inexperience of a young hero trying to do what's right.

But I also think Johns' is right that this show is a very accessible way for people to learn about the Superman mythos. We are going to learn about Krypton, and Zor-El and Lara, and Jor-El, and probable all sorts of stuff. I think it is safe to say that it will be relatively close to the comic continuity, in the way that the Flash is stuffed with Easter Eggs. And, while I am guessing here, I think this show will be something all the Supergirls at home can watch, even the 11 year old.

In contrast, I don't want my kids to see Man of Steel. That isn't the Superman they know or should know.

Anyways, I am excited for the show and hearing Johns talk about it this way makes me even more optimistic!


Martin Gray said...

Great interview, you're right, I, too, was dubious on seeing the first Flash stills, but ... wow!

Can't wait for the show, yes, I suspect we will love the pilot when we finally see it (ahem).

I'm getting a feeling this show is going to introduce Stargirl...

Unknown said...

Her and Thara Ak Var.

garyb said...

Stargirl would be great, I'd also like to see Laura Vandervoort (when/if she can run away from Bitten) as Lena Thorul or Kara Zor-L.

Anonymous said...

Nice to read Geoff Johns' positive comments on the new Supergirl TV show. And I can't heartily second enough what you said
Anj about his rehabilitation of Supergirl's character in his "Braniac" arc. Shouts out from this happy fan for that fact!

Looking forward to November with positive and hopeful thoughts!

If we're talking past actresses, if the producers could find a way to get the other Supergirl alumni into the series -- Nicholle Tom,
Nicole Sullivan, Summer Glau, and Molly Quinn -- I suspect there'd be enough fan reaction for a spontaneous nuclear fusion
to happen :)


Anonymous said...

"I’m just really excited that we have a female superhero that’s so iconic and strong. We’re so overdue for a female-centric superhero show that’s really good."

I find this statement especially good because nowadays you can find haters yelling that Supergirl never was iconic and popular, no one likes or knows girl Superman, most of people only knows her for her 1984 movie, and Storm and Jean Grey are so much moooooooore popular and iconic.

As a former X-Men fan who always liked Storm and Phoenix I have to say that the delusion, ignorance and resentment is strong in this one. Ugh.

Supergirl isn't the best-selling super-hero but she was always iconic. Claiming that Jean Grey -my favorite X-Woman- is more iconic and popular... Yes, no.