Monday, November 10, 2014

More Publicity From Perkins And Johnson

After what felt to be a long time without any publicity of information, the dam has burst and we have been lucky enough to hear from new Supergirl writers K. Perkins and Mike Johnson several times over the last couple of weeks. We heard from Perkins alone. We heard from Mike Johnson alone. And now, in a
 CBR interview, we heard from the two together. As always, I recommend reading the interview in its entirety. But as usual, I have to highlight some of the questions and give some of my insights.

CBR News: Mike, you have been writing comic books for more than a decade and you were actually the co-writer and/or solo writer of the first 19 issues of the New 52 relaunch of "Supergirl." What drew you back to Kara?
Mike Johnson: When I left the book initially, I was embarking on other projects and the time was right to hand the reins over to a new writer. But I really missed writing Kara's adventures. She's a unique character in comics, with an origin and situation unlike any other character, including Superman. With the advent of the "Crucible" story, editor Eddie Berganza ... thought it would be a good opportunity to team someone who had written Kara's adventures previously with a writer who was new to comics, namely the one-and-only K. Perkins. 

CBR: New to comics, yes, but what is your history with the medium and what was your knowledge of Supergirl before landing this gig?
K. Perkins: First of all, I'm thrilled to be writing with MJ on "Supergirl." I've always been a fan of comics, and when I picked up "Supergirl," I instantly connected with Kara. She's a cool, badass character with such a rich history.

There are two scary words in these questions. Eddie Berganza.

Berganza has definitely been one of the proponents of the edgy, angsty, disaffected, loner, 'pissed off', 'fight her friends as much as her enemies', skewed vision of Supergirl. I hope he isn't trying to steer things back there.

But I like how Johnson says he missed writing Supergirl. Other writers have said similar things in the past, how Supergirl gets inside someone. And I also like how Perkins talks about connecting to Supergirl as a cool character with a rich history. It sounds like she is coming to the character with an understanding beyond just the New 52. These are writers how like the character and are excited for the project!

CBR: What is it about the Last Daughter of Krypton that you think works for fans of the character and what separates her from that other guy from the House of El?
Johnson: I say this as a huge Superman fan, but I think Kara is a more accessible character, which is ironic given that her upbringing is more alien than Kal's was in Kansas. Her reactions to her extraordinary circumstances are more immediate and sympathetic, given that she didn't grow up with superpowers. Add to that the experience of being a teenager, which everyone has experienced or will experience at some point, and it is easy to empathize with her.

As I have said in the past, the reason I love Supergirl more than Superman is that I can relate to her more. Superman is this iconic, perfect character. Supergirl is learning. She is striving to be perfect but sometimes falls short. She can be sympathetic. But I also empathize with her a lot too. So I agree with Johnson's sentiment.

CBR: Will Kara meet familiar faces at Crucible Academy, or are you introducing new characters to the DCU during this arc? And if unfamiliar to Kara, will readers recognize any superheroes, or villains, making their New 52 debut?
Johnson: Perkins has created a group of amazing, distinctive supporting characters in this arc, some of who become friends, some rivals, some with names familiar to longtime fans of the DC Universe. We hope to continue their adventures in later stories -- assuming they survive this one.

One thing that has been creeping into these interviews has been this sense that Crucible Academy isn't necessarily a long-term setting. There are hints that beyond the first arc, there aren't any plans. I suppose that the team and DC will wait to see the reaction.

It will be interesting to see just how much time of the book is on Earth and also there. It will be interesting to see if her time there effects her JLU time or if it is even mentioned. I do like the Comet and Streaky ideas.

CBR: Mike, are there any loose ends or plot threads that you plan to circle back to from your initial run on the series?
Johnson: I'd like to see what Silver  Banshee’s up to now. And the Worldkillers always promised they'd be back.

Hurrah hurrah hurrah!

I want the early stories and early growth of the character to be recognized and acknowledged and handled. It is similar to how Sterling Gates dealt with the pluses and minuses of the book he was inheriting. I want to see Siobhan. I want to see Blaze. I want to see love interest Michael.

So I was thrilled to read this!

CBR: Finally, what can we expect from new series artist Emanuela Lupacchino?
Johnson: Ema has a rare ability to combine epic sci-fi scope with quieter, personal moments. She's a writer's dream: An artist whose imagination takes the words in the script and turns them into something magical.
I totally agree. I have seen Lupacchino's art just grow on this book. It is like there is comfort now with the character. This panel is beautiful ... and it is Kara working as a cashier. There is just a whiff of Ryan Sook here ... the highest compliment.

I appreciate the publicity! And I can't wait for this book to get here.


Martin Gray said...

It is sounding good, isn't it? The only thing I don't get is Mike Johnson's view that, 'Superman is this iconic, perfect character.' Not in the actual stories, sir! I wonder if he caught the final Superman Unchained last week, for example.

Anyway, that's by the by so far as Kara is concerned.

I love the visual of coffee shop Kara, such nice hair - not a cuddle bun, but just great.

Bartiemus said...

Mike Johnson's thoughts on Kara match my own perfectly. I love that first panel its my current tablet back round.

As for plans after the crucible arc DC have the big Convergence Event which will put a hold on all of the current books in The New 52 for 2 months starting in April. This new arc is 5 months which by my count will end up in March and it will time it nicely for the start of the event.

Anonymous said...

Some good stuff, and yes, we're all hoping no more angry / isolated Supergirl... PLEASE!

Oh, the teasers and tidbits... next issue can't come out fast enough!

> CBR: Mike, are there any loose ends or plot threads that you plan to circle back to from your initial run
> on the series?
> Johnson: I'd like to see what Silver Banshee’s up to now. And the Worldkillers always promised they'd be back.

I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking that!


Anj said...

Thanks for comments.

I have to say I was a little worried about this turn when I first heard about it but these interviews have allayed some fears.

Can't wait to read this!