Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mitch Gerads And The Granite State Comicon

I went to the Granite State Comicon two weekends ago, a convention that I have loved attending the last several years.

The convention has grown gently over the last couple of years, getting more comic creators, moving to a bigger hall in the venue they have used, and getting great dealers. This is the convention where I usually end up (gasp) buying comics. Last year felt bigger than the prior Granite State cons as the guest list was long and had both writers and artists. I obtained a bunch of commissions and bought a ton of comics. But unlike Boston, it was cozier. It was small enough that I could still spend decent time with the creators I wanted to see and thumb through long boxes.

This year's con had a different feel to it. The comic creator list was much shorter and the celebrity guest list was much longer. The con boasted the most Game of Thrones stars assembled which seemed to be the biggest draw. But there weren't many comic stars here, and many who were there were staples at this con, creators I have met before.

There was someone there I was very interested in meeting -  Mitch Gerads, current artist on Marvel's The Punisher. I like his style and wondered what a Supergirl by him would look like. So I got on his commission list and dropped of my sketch book.

Now I usually specify which costume I want but I forgot this time. And so I got this absolutely great commission of the New 52 Supergirl. It is the lower part of this costume I dislike, so this head and shoulders commission works great. I love everything about this -her hair, her expression, the baggy feel of the costume, and even the cape works. The grey tones add depth making this just a beauty.

I am so glad I got this commission from Gerads. It is a great addition.

Now as I said, the celebrity guest list was longer and the comic creator guest list was shorter.

That same feel seemed to carry through into the dealers. There just weren't as many comic dealers as I am used to seeing at this convention. And there were many more dealers of 'stuff' - movie posters, wooden weaponry, toys, flasks, etc.

In less than a full day, I had thumbed through all the comics and met all the creators I wanted to.So I was glad I didn't get a 2 day pass.

Now don't get me wrong. I had a great time when I was there.

For one, the youngest Supergirl has decided that this was the year that she was going to all the cons with me. Here we are banded and ready to get in. She enjoys seeing the costumes, looking at the cool stuff, and joining in some shopping.

In the end she didn't find any comics she wanted. But she did get a tiny Pacific Rim Cherno Alpha Jaeger toy. It is now the Black King on her chess board. I know I could 'drift' with her.

I feel blessed that my three girls all share some of my interests.

And then I got the usual stack of $1 box joy. I love that Firestorm cover and used to own that issue. So I was glad to finally find it. And the other stuff was gravy.

I do love that DCCP issue with Black Canary. Great issue with great art.

And I even found a $3 box with some silver age joy. These issues are pretty beat up, not worth bagging. But Superman exposed on Candid Camera? The introduction of Karate Kid, Projectra, Ferro Lad, and Nemesis Kid? How could I not buy them??

But the big 'get' at this convention was the Gerads commission. That thing was a steal!!


Saranga said...

That is fricking gorgeous!

Count Drunkula said...

Very nice commission. I agree that Granite Con felt smaller this year than last, with fewer artists and writers. I thought of getting a McKone commission, but I decided to save money this year. I found some bundles of Hawkman and She-Hulk comics, which are great.

Saranga said...

And how lovely to bring your daughter with you.

CaptainMarvel4Ever said...

Wait, we had a comic convention here in New Hampshire? ah man I missed out, maybe next year.... :(

Anj said...

Thanks for the comments.

I still liked the con. Just hoping for more comic creators next year.